Warehouse Sale - March 2020

$21.99 $13.19
Ever said, "I wish I had time to make that!"? This handy book makes small, charming projects easily doable--during your lunch hour! Perfectly portable...

$27.99 $21.83
by Jo Morton
Elegant, timeless, traditional, and beautiful--that's the magic Jo Morton brings to the quilts she creates. This latest collection of patterns captures Jo's...

$9.99 $5.99
by Nancy Zieman
Sewing is magic, creative, and fun, it's meant to be shared with a special someone. Let's fly off to Sewland and stitch something new where all the town...

$25.99 $20.27
by Judith Steele
Make mesmerizing bargello quilts with the easy-to-follow instructions and charts included in Strip-Pieced Bargello. It's like quilting by number! *...

$27.99 $21.83
by Lynette Anderson
Join renowned Australian designer Lynette Anderson in a magical place where the flowers are always blooming, the bees are always buzzing, and the charms of...

$28.99 $22.61
by Karen M. Burns, Amelia Johanson
Doodle quilting has taken the quilt world by storm--and here are 180 more doodle designs at your fingertips! In this sequel to the best seller 180 Doodle...
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$23.99 $14.39
by Serena Boffa Soda
Peek inside the teeny-tiny world of Italian quiltmaker Serena Boffa Soda, a place where petite pleasures abound! Study these sweet quilts with their...

$22.99 $17.93
by Amelia Johanson
From classic chic to fresh farmhouse, the versatility of the table runner shines in this collection of all-new projects. Thirteen designs include scrappy...

$25.99 $15.59
by Kristyne Czepuryk
Think beyond the quilt! Sew classic blocks into beautiful quilts; then feature the same block (often in a different size) in a variety of pretty accents...

$14.99 $11.69
by Kim Diehl
Relax, unwind, and make time in your busy day for a little reflection with beloved quilt designer Kim Diehl at your side. Kim's gathered photographs of...
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$24.99 $14.99
by Sherri Noel
Take our word for it--you'll love expressing yourself in fabric! Share a sentiment, stitch an inspiring statement, or create cute and quirky messages in...
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$25.99 $15.59
by Jen Lucas
Five-time author Jen Lucas returns with a dozen lacy shawls to knit three ways: some are wedges, some are crescents, and others are half-circles. And they...

$25.99 $20.27
by Becky A. Wright
Touched by the tender, real-life letters of Jacob and Emeline Ritner, a husband and wife separated by the Civil War, author Becky A. Wright shares quilt...

$25.99 $20.27
by Gracey Larson
Let's go on a picnic . . . and return inspired to quilt! Sew cute critters, fancy flowers, birds and bugs, trees and turtles, and other odes to the...