Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts

by Eileen Wright
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Here are bargello quilts like you've never seen them before! Instead of streaking up and down, these 11 designs wave, twist, and curve to create beautiful shapes with incredible movement.

Eileen's techniques use the efficiency of strip piecing to make truly mesmerizing modern designs. You'll create strip sets, slice and dice them, and arrange the values using a number chart for flawless results. A gorgeous gallery is included.

by Eileen Wright
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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December 8th, 2009
The Infinity Design chart is incorrect when you compare it to photograph.egRow nine doew not have any black in the photo but it does on the design chart

Hi Sheryl, thanks for noting the error in the chart for Infinity. The error has already been corrected in our errata sheet for the book, which you can download and print here:
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From Karin Renaud, quilt designer and author

When I first looked at the quilts in Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts my thought was "Wow, these quilts are amazing!" My second thought was "Yeah, but could I make one?" After reading through the directions and introduction the answer is definitely YES!

Eileen Wright's directions are clear and easy to understand. In her introduction she covers topics such as how to choose fabrics to achieve different visual effects, how to cut and piece strips to avoid distortion, and how to keep everything organized as you go along. Her experience teaching this method shows in the tips and suggestions which are included throughout the book. Design maps, which are included for each project, help keep you organized and provide a reference while you are sewing. In addition to beautiful full-sized quilts, there are directions for making a table runner and placemats. The smaller projects allow you to get a feel for Bargello quiltmaking without committing to a larger project.

Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts makes these visually complex and beautiful quilts very doable!

Eileen Wright

A sewer and a knitter since she was eight years old, Eileen Wright has always worked creatively with needles and threads of some kind, working her way through most needlecraft hobbies over the years. She feels indebted to her maternal grandmother, Cynthia Rassmussen, for passing on her talents and love of being creative.

Vancouver Island in Canada has been Eileen's spiritual home since her very first visit, and she feels fortunate to have been able to live there for almost 20 years. She fills her days with designing and creating quilts.

Eileen shares her condo with three Pfaff sewing machines, a huge fabric stash, and some green growing plants--all of which provide her with all the serenity she craves. Huge skylights allow the sun to shine on her workspace, and an ever-changing view of the ocean and distant mountains often inspires various quilting projects.

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