Triangle Tricks - One Easy Unit, Dozens of Gorgeous Quilts

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Can you create triangles in your quilts without cutting or sewing a single one? YES!

  • Create ten triangle-filled quilts using quick cutting and easy sewing methods
  • Make two "triangle tricks" blocks at a time, without ever cutting or sewing a triangle
  • Find tips for playing with colors, settings, and rotations for one-of-a-kind results

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8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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January 20th, 2003
When I visited my sister this summer she wanted to make a quilt from this book. It was fun and the quilt turned out wonderful as the instructions and diagrams were very clear. When I got back home I immediately ordered it and started working on my own design using the block I saw my sister sew. Sally teaches you to make 10 beautiful quilts based on blocks A and B, which look very intricate but are fairly easy to make. Perfect points every time and we don't ever sew triangles. I love it!
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Do you hate to make blocks comprised of triangles but aspire to make quilts with triangles as block units?  If so, then this book is for you. Sally Schneider has teamed up with Martingale to produce a book based on Schneider’s “Mary’s Triangles” block, named for her friend Mary, a nonquilter who inspired the concept.

Though the Mary’s Triangles block looks familiar, its assembly is something new. You assemble and join squares and rectangles to complete dozens of accurately pieced blocks in just a few hours.  Now you can easily make the pieced fish block, stars, pinwheel stars, sister’s choice (a version of grandmother’s choice), and many other triangle blocks that can be placed in a variety of ways or combined to make loads and loads of original quilts.

Unlike many quick and easy techniques that produce quilts that look quick and easy, this technique gives you what you need to complete complex – even intricate – designs based on these blocks.  Your level of intricacy will depend upon your choice of block size, layout, color, value, and [color] placement. The book includes tips for playing with color, settings, and rotations and offers directions for ten triangle-intensive quilts.  In addition, it includes cutting charts for making blocks that range from 2” to 12” square, and an inspiring quilt gallery.

I tried the two blocks (blocks A and B) and found that the directions were fool proof and easy to follow. Beginners will find that this book opens new doors, and experienced quilters will delight in having two blocks that provide ample room for creative design.