Treasure Hunt - 13 Quilts Inspired by Antique Finds - NO LONGER AVAILABLE / OUT OF PRINT

by Linda Collins, Leah Zieber

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The hunt is on! Follow a team of antique-quilt mavens as they share how their search for quilts from the past turned into present-day quilt patterns. With decades of knowledge about vintage textiles between them, the authors present:

* Patterns for 13 stunning quilts, each inspired by an antique quilt from the authors' personal collections
* Tips for finding antique quilts, both in your hometown and online
* Which quilts to snap up quickly--and which to walk away from
* How to determine if the price is right

Packed with photos of both newly made quilts (and the patterns to make them) plus images of the antique quilts that inspired them, the book shows this duo's treasure hunting in action. Linda and Leah will inspire you to join the hunt!

by Linda Collins, Leah Zieber
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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January 2nd, 2020
I’m so pleased with this lovely book and it’s a welcome addition to my library. It’s always interesting to see an antique quilt remade with reproduction prints. I’m usually attracted to complex designs but these designs are clean and straightforward. I can definitely see myself making many of them! Leah and Linda really did a great job and although the quilt patterns are based on antique quilts I can see them being made with modern prints as well. I’ve left some space on my bookcase in hopes that there will be a Treasure Hunt 2 because I know that these women have many more quilts to share.
Wow! Thoroughly enjoyed my journey through this book trouble is which quilt do I begin with. Well done girls.
As a lover of fabric, quilts, bric a brac, collecting, rummaging for treasures and nurturing friendships this book is an eclectic mix of all these things. I kept turning the pages finding new gems of wisdom, fabulous quilts to fall in love with and so many insights into the art of searching for and discovering vintage quilts and great advice on how to own them and care for them. I'm grateful that the authors, Linda and Leah, are so generous in sharing their knowledge and love of antique quilts, how to find them and avoid some of the pitfalls while enjoying the adventure. Most importantly, Treasure Hunt is a book that gives me lots of achievable projects to make with clear instructions. I love that a great friendship can grow from a mutual interest and become an inspiration to many other collectors and sewers, whether novices or masters. A beautiful book which I'm happy to have added to my collection with one project already started!!
Love this book. The antique quilts are beautiful and they have been very thoughtfully translated into new quilts. The patterns are easy to follow. I’ve already started one and will be definitely doing more. Well done Leah and Linda. Keep them coming. Hopefully there will be book number two. (And three)
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Linda Collins

Quilting has been a part of my life for over 30 years. I made my first quilt for my second-born child some 30 odd years ago. I have been collecting and studying antique quilts for over 20 years. The past 10 years I've been publishing patterns based on my antique quilts in Australian and international magazines. Sharing my antique quilt collection through trunk shows and redesigning quilts from them are both passions that are at the very core of my being. When not traveling the world visiting friends, quilt exhibits, or museums, I divide my time between Wonga Park, Australia, and my beach house. These landscapes provide peace and inspiration aplenty.

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Leah Zieber

I have been working independently with collectors and quilt historians for 20 years, cataloging and researching American quilts and textiles. I love to share my own antique quilt and textile collection and my knowledge of American quilts with guilds throughout the United States and abroad through lectures, workshops, and quilt history retreats. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and my web page,

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