Think Big - Quilts, Runners, and Pillows from 18" Blocks - NO LONGER AVAILABLE / OUT OF PRINT

by Amy Ellis

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Discover 10 original 18" blocks that are easy to make and easy to combine into fabulous projects for home decor.

  • Easy-to-follow charts show the number of blocks to use for projects in five different sizes, from runner to king-size quilt
  • Achieve a cohesive look; each block is shown in two or more coordinating projects, including quilts, pillows, and runners

by Amy Ellis
8.75" x 10.75"
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full color; softcover
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December 9th, 2014
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This title is out of print; Returns accepted in resale condition only until September 29th, 2019
The very first thing I noticed about this book is that there were charts to show how many pieces were needed for FIVE different sizes of each pattern. I love charts as they are easy to read and follow. Perfect choice, especially since the author is showing so many different sizes of the same pattern.

With the 10 different patterns, if you were to make all five of each, that would give you 50 finished items. WOW! A book that can keep me busy.

The patterns start with a paragraph about the project and a list of finished sizes, Then you have a color photo and find a fabric chart and a graphic on the five sizes and what that particular size would be in comparison to another. Next is the cutting chart. (Again, charts are great!) The written instructions have graphics to help you make sure you are on track. Any tips given are set off in colored boxes. The book finishes with a one paragraph bio of the author.

If you are looking for a book that gives you many options, this one is it.

"I received this e-book free in exchange for providing an unbiased review."
I reviewed the book in my Spanish speaking blog
Durante los años en que he dado clase, frecuentemente me encuentro con alumnas que tienen el siguiente dilema: "El diseño de esta quilt me fascina, pero yo no quisiera aventurarme en un proyecto muy grande." O bien al revés: "Este block utilizado para hacer un camino de mesa es tan hermoso pero a mí me encantaría hacer una frazada para el sillón de la televisión".
Cómo hubiera yo deseado haber tenido desde antes en mis manos este libro y poder brindarles a muchas de ellas la solución a esta disyuntiva.
El libro THINK BIG de Amy Ellis contiene 10 diseños originales, frescos y contemporáneos para cuadros de 18 pulgadas pero antes de pasar a disfrutar de cada proyecto e imaginármelo en sus distintas posibilidades, deseo hacer hincapié en un elemento primordial para sacarle todo el provecho a esta publicación. La autora nos presenta en una tabla muy fácil de comprender, las fórmulas para así decidir si haremos un proyecto sencillo o uno de mayor complejidad.
Por cada diseño se incluye una tabla que indica cuánta tela se necesita para hacer desde un camino de mesa partiendo de 3 cuadros, hasta una quilt tamaño king-size que se logra utilizando 30 de ellos.
Las posibilidades se amplían de acuerdo con el tamaño del proyecto que uno tiene en mente.
Una vez decidido cuantos cuadros habremos de hacer, con dos simples operaciones (multiplicación y división) se completan los espacios vacíos en cada renglón de la tabla y todo resuelto: Cuántos triángulos, cuántos cuadrados, y especialmente, cuántas tiras cortar para optimizar el tiempo de preparación antes de sentarse frente a la máquina de coser.

Además de esta invaluable herramienta, cada proyecto incluye una cuadrícula donde marca claramente la cantidad de cuadros que se necesitarán ya sea para un camino de mesa, un "wall hanging", una quilt de bebé, una frazada o bien una quilt individual, matrimonial o king size.
Cada diseño incluye también las cantidades de telas divididas por colores y por número de cuadros a componer.

Salpicados en diversas páginas el libro incluye recuadros donde la autora nos ofrece sugerencias valiosas para optimizar nuestro tiempo al cortar y al coser y que justo se añaden a nuestro conocimiento dentro del oficio de la costura en la hechura de quilts.

En suma, éste es un libro esencial para toda biblioteca o cuarto de costura de una "quilt maker".


Over the years I've given classes, and I often find myself with students who have the following dilemma: "The design of this quilt fascinates me, but I would not venture into a very large project." Or the reverse: "This block used to make a table runner is so beautiful but I want to make a blanket for the couch."

How I would have liked to have this book and be able to offer many of them the solution to this dilemma.

The book THINK BIG Amy Ellis contains 10 original, fresh and contemporary designs for 18 inch blocks but before going to enjoy each project and imagine their various possibilities, I wish to emphasize a key element to take full advantage of this publication. The author presents, in an easy to understand table, formulas that will help decide whether it is a simple project or a greater complexity.

For each design, a table indicates how much fabric is needed to make from a table runner starting with 3 blocks, to a king-size quilt, using 30 of the blocks.

The possibilities are expanded according to the size of the project you have in mind.

Once you have decided how many blocks you want to make, we must do two simple operations (multiplication and division). Fill in the blanks in each row of the table and everything is solved: How many triangles, squares, how many, and especially, how many strips to cut to optimize time preparation before sitting at a sewing machine.

Besides this invaluable tool, each project includes a grid which clearly marks the number of blocks that will be needed either for a table runner, a "wall hanging" quilt, baby blanket or a twin quilt, queen, or king size.

Each design also includes the amounts of fabrics and colors divided by number of blocks that compose the projects.

Splashed on different pages the book are boxes where the author offers valuable suggestions to optimize our time to cut and sew and that just added to our knowledge in the making of quilts.

In sum, this is an essential book for any library or sewing room: a "quilt maker."
Amy Ellis is back, and she's bigger and better than ever!
With a large variety of 18" blocks, her patterns pack a punch as a quilt, grab your attention as a pillow, and are a breeze to make! You can use your favorite large scale prints in many of the projects without losing what makes the fabric great.
The patterns are easy to follow, and many of the blocks sew up fast, perfect for a weekend project or last minute gifting!
Perfect for the beginner quilter, and full of new ideas for the experienced or those who want to try their hand at something a bit more modern.
Amy offers a variety of different blocks that would appeal to a multitude of quilters. Quilters can select any size that they chose with an easy chart to calculate yardage for any size quilt. The blocks are not complicated so any level quilter has an opportunity to showcase some of their "special " fabrics with these blocks and make a beautiful treasure. This is a must have book.
If you are looking for a quick and fun weekend quilt-making project, this is the book for you. The blocks are 18" so you will also be able to use up some of those larger print fabrics you love. Great for making modern quilts or try using any fabric to bring a new look to your quilts.
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Review from Popular Patchwork, April 2015

Amy Ellis is a quilter and blogger and she posits in her book that 18in blocks can be extremely effective for creating smaller projects very quickly, and scale up well for full-size quilts should you wish to take your design further. We like the idea; obtaining tangible results quickly can often be the encouragement needed to tackle bigger projects. This useful collection of 18in block designs range from elegantly simple to a little more advanced, and the versatility of the blocks means that you should find something that chimes with any project you might have in mind. The advice given is sound and the no-nonsense technical direction stresses the need for preparation and accuracy when constructing your projects. The rewards are well worth it; the block designs are a good mix of traditional and contemporary but all are worth a look. The "Film Strip" block is our favourite from this collection - it's a very inspiring block with a myriad of possibilities and the colours really pop.

Amy Ellis

Amy is a best-selling author, spokesperson for Baby Lock, and fabric designer. Quilting is her creative therapy in the midst of a busy household, and she loves to inspire new quilters to find their own way into the quilting hobby. Since diving into the online community in 2008, Amy has authored five books and her quilts have been included in many collaborative book projects. Her patterns and articles have also been published in several prominent magazines.

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