The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting - Long-Arm and Sit-Down--Learn When, Where, Why, and How to Finish Your Quilts

by Angela Walters, Christa Watson
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In this must-have resource, long-arm-quilting expert Angela Walters and home-sewing-machine specialist Christa Watson team up to provide the ultimate guide for machine quilters. Gain insight into long-arm quilting, as well as guidance on quilting at a sit-down sewing machine. Whichever machine you use, you'll find warm encouragement and expert tips to help you every step of the way.

  • Find out why some designs and motifs are ideal for sit-down quilting while others are better suited to long-arm quilting
  • Packed with tips, tricks, and advice on how to machine quilt better, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started confidently and finish strong
  • Learn from the masters as you discover how to stitch a wide range of quilting designs, with instructions for 10 quilts


by Angela Walters, Christa Watson
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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April 5th, 2016
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This truly is the Ultimate Guide to all things machine quilting. I absolutely love that this book not only can be used as a wonderful reference for lots of amazing designs, but that includes when to use those designs, what machines work best for it, and how to create them to fit your quilt. It really feels like you are sitting along side Angela and Christa and getting to pick their brains on every little quilting decision they make. This really is an amazing guide and I know I will learn new little tidbits each time I pick it up. Fantastic!!!!
It's a dynamic duo! The best of both quilting worlds are wrapped up in this 144-page, comprehensive book about free motion quilting. From my perspective as a domestic machine quilter who aspires to greatness, the instructions, tips, explanations, and examples provided by Christa fulfill my need to understand more. And from Angela, my curiosity and understanding of longarm quilting are completely satisfied. With inspired, color-coded references - Angela's pages are turquoise blue, and Christa's pages are melon orange - it's easy to search for what I want to know. And the quilting examples and great visuals are what every quilter needs to see. From front to back, the book doesn't fail. I'd like to gift it to every new domestic machine quilter I know.
This is such a great resource. I quilt with both a frame and a domestic machine and Angela and Christa give great ideas on how to make this work. I loved seeing both of their quilts and the ways in which they both quilted them with their machines. The book is written in a clear, easy to understand format. No matter which way you are quilting, stand up or sit down, this is a must have book in your library.
A great resource with a delightful format for all quilters.

I quilt on both a domestic and long arm machine and this book showcases the tips, tricks, tools, designs and so much more for both. An added bonus are the quilt patterns that are provided for practicing the different motifs. I own other books by both Christa and Angela which I refer to often. I originally was looking for more quilting motifs and inspiration and I found so much more. This is a reference book that you will pick up again and again.

The book switches back and forth between the two authors in such a way that you feel as though you are part of a conversation between Angela and Christa. So grab a chair, a cup of coffee and join the conversation. You’ll be glad you did.

When I first heard about this book, I was so excited because Christa and Angela make a dream team of quilters/teachers! The book is wonderful and I love how it is organized with Angela teaching about quilting on the long arm sewing machine and Christa on the domestic sewing machine. It's such a brilliant concept. Their lessons and designs cross over so well, no matter which type of sewing machine you use. I loved seeing how differently they approached quilting the same projects too. This book is an invaluable resource to have in your quilting library and I know that I will be referring to mine over and over again!
What attracted me to this book is that it is completely unique, presenting quilting options for both the longarm quilter and the home-machine quilter. Although I don’t own a longarm machine and probably never will, I found that I could apply much of the information Angela shared to my quilting at home. She’s a natural, easy teacher and her approach to quilting (filling your “toolbox” with a few useful designs you can apply to any quilt) is something everyone can benefit from!

Christa presents the home-machine quilting sections, and in them I found tips and techniques I could apply immediately. Her thoughts on preparing the quilt top and back, setting up her machine, and dividing and conquering the task of quilting a quilt were things I could immediately relate to. Even her little tips like scaling the quilting designs throughout a quilt were thoughtful and instantly applicable to any quilt I might be working on.

This book is filled with small projects you can quickly piece and quilt alongside these two experts. It’s like having a private class with two award winning quilters guiding you along the way! This book really deserves a spot on everyone’s quilting bookshelf, and I’m so glad it’s on mine!
This new book from Angela Walters and Christa Watson is definitely a valuable addition to my quilting bookshelf. Even though I have yet to attempt long-arm quilting, I found both portions of the book (which is color-coded into long-arm and domestic machine advice) helpful, useful, and presented in a warm, and unintimidating manner. The use of various simply pieced project quilts to demonstrate techniques and provide practice is something that I was glad to see in this book. I'm a hands-on sort of learner, so the ability to piece the same top and then try to imitate the techniques is a definite plus for me. I've come away with new inspiration to try things I have thus far avoided on my domestic machine. And maybe even try some long-arm quilting, now that some of it is de-mystified.
Christa Watson and Angela Walters teamed up to write a terrific book! There are 10 quilt patterns in this book and then Christa and Angela each quilt the quilt in their own way- Christa quilts it on her sit-down domestic machine and Angela quilts it on her long-arm. I use a domestic machine and it was so interesting to hear all of the different thoughts that go into quilting on a long-arm. That being said, the quilting designs shown can really be used on either type of machine and it was so great to see 2 different people quilt the same quilt and to see how different quilting motifs can change the way that the quilt looks. The quilts are created to help you with working on different kinds of quilting- there is a quilt for border work and practice turning corners, a quilt to work on filling a negative space, a wholecloth quilt, a quilt where you should use the walking foot and free motion foot, etc. I can see myself referring to this book in the future for quilting ideas and also making some of the quilt to improve my quilting abilities.
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Review from American Quilt Retailer, June 2016

Two talented quilters offer two approaches to quilting--longarm and sit-down. The color-coded pages show how each approaches the same quilt for finishing--and why. Basic quilt-making information and the actual quilt instructions are included for their samples. This fascinating look at the similarities and differences in approach is aptly titled.
Midwest Book Review, The Bookwatch, July 2016

Angela Walters and Christa Watson's The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting: Long-Arm and Sit-Down teaches how to finish a quilt using both special and traditional sewing machines, and comes from a long-arm-quilting expert and a home-sewing-machine specialist who offer machine quilters a range of tips. More than just an instructional on using machines, this guide covers the basics of what kinds of quilting projects and stitching lends to particular machines, how to incorporate a variety of tips into a quilting effort, and how to machine quilt with better, more polished results.
Review from Fabrications Quilting for You, November/December 2016

Find out why some designs and motifs are ideal for 'sit down quilting' while others are better suited to 'long-arm quilting'. Angela and Christa are both quilting experts so with their tips, tricks and advice you will begin confidently and finish professionally as you discover how to stitch a whole range of quilting designs. There are ten quilt projects including "Fractured Squares", "Exploding Star" and "Swirling Butterflies". For each project there are two sets of instructions including cutting, construction and quilting details, diagrams and templates. They are colour coded in turquoise if you like Angela's style or orange if you wish to follow Christa. Either way you will develop many new skills!

Angela Walters

Angela Walters is a long-arm quilter, teacher, and author. Her quilting career began at the side of her husband's grandfather, and together they made her first quilt, a nine-patch design that is still on her bed today. Thousands of swirls, feathers, and parallel lines later, she has turned her love of stitches and fabric into a thriving business focused on modern machine quilting. Angela also designs fabrics. She lives on the outskirts of Kansas City, Missouri, with her husband, three children, and many, many quilts.

Visit Angela's website

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Christa Watson

Christa Watson is an award-winning quilter who loves teaching others to find joy in making complete quilts from start to finish. She performs all her own "stunts" on a home sewing machine--her beloved Bernina--and she embraces "perfectly imperfect" quilting techniques.

Christa enjoys designing colorful, modern quilt fabric for Benartex; creating original quilt patterns; and writing books about her favorite topic--machine quilting! Her roots are in traditional quiltmaking, yet she has a passion for the modern quilt aesthetic. You can find her online at and on Instagram @christaquilts.Visit Christa's website

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