Sunday Best Quilts - 12 Must-Make Quilts You'll Love Forever

by Corey Yoder, Sherri L. McConnell
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Every quilter has a "Sunday Best" list: those special quilts they dream of making someday. Now two stars of the quilting world share with you the quilts they've always wanted to create! Popular designers and Instagram influencers Sherri McConnell (@AQuiltingLife) and Corey Yoder (@CorianderQuilts) chose six different quilt themes--star, scrappy, red and white, Christmas, pineapple, and Courthouse Steps. Sherry and Corey challenged one another to design a quilt in each style. The result is a dozen spectacular quilts that you can make too. You'll also find personality-packed Q&As and commentary from both designers, plus fun ways for you to cross off the quilts on your "Sunday Best" list!

by Corey Yoder, Sherri L. McConnell
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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June 3rd, 2019
It is just amazing to find wonderful quilt patterns all packaged in one book! Sherri and Corey were inspired and came up with scrappy quilts which we can make over and over again, just changing the fabrics, and without ever getting tired!
Surprisingly some books appeal to me sight unseen. Something about the title or the cover picture speaks to me. Sunday Best Quilts by Sherri L McConnell and Corey Yoder was one of those. I grew up with quilts on our beds and with friends and neighbours who had quilts on their beds. But I don't remember special quilts for Sunday. Having read this book and yes so much of it is a lovely read, it seems to me the premise is that by following some basic principles, all of your quilts can be Sunday special. All of the designs in this book are based on traditional quilts which will always be my favorites. This book show you how, using precuts mostly. But if your scraps are overflowing I'm sure you could select appropriately from your scrap bin. This book took me back to traditional quilting with modern colours and fabrics - the best of both worlds. If you love traditional quilts and\or scrappy quilts or using precuts, this book is for you.
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Corey Yoder

Corey Yoder grew up in and still resides in a small Amish community in Ohio. She comes from a line of quilters and has been surrounded by quilts and fabric her entire life. She began designing quilts in 2010, and her work has since been featured in many quilting magazines and books. She is a designer for Moda Fabrics and the owner of a quilt-pattern business, Coriander Quilts. The comment she hears most about her fabric designs is, "Your fabrics make me feel happy." She wholeheartedly embraces the idea that quilts and fabric should always bring joy and spread love.

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Sherri L. McConnell

I was not going to be a quilter. My grandmother was a quilter, and she cut up perfectly good fabrics just to sew them back together. She hand quilted in the evenings with her stand-up frame and her lap frame. She made quilts, wall hangings, place mats, and table runners. And she gifted many lovely things to me and her other family members.

But because of her, and with her help, I made my very first quilt. Over the years, I found more and more time to sew. I also discovered the wide world of quilting blogs with inspiration at my fingertips. And I met the most wonderful and amazing people who love quilting as I do, as my grandmother did, and as her grandmothers did before her.

I am a quilter! I'm thankful for the encouragement and support of both my family members and the quilting community that I know online and in real life. Happy quilting!

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