Strip Savvy - 2 1/2"-Strip Quilting Designs

by Kate Henderson
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This exciting collection features fresh, bright designs inspired by traditional blocks, as well as a few all-new block designs. Discover a wide variety of patterns for everyone from novices to experts--at a terrific value.

  • Use convenient precut 2 1/2" strips or dive into your stash--and create a quilt that's uniquely your own
  • Select from 18 fun projects and try new techniques such as flying geese, half-square triangles, triangle corners, chain piecing, and strip piecing
  • Enhance your quilt design by making clever use of leftover strips in pieced borders and scrappy bindings

by Kate Henderson
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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January 14th, 2014
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I enjoy looking at your materials and patterns I love patchwork and quilting i have got squares can you hand see them to make pin cushion
You know how it is, when there are several enticing options making a decision becomes more difficult? That's where I found myself dithering over where to start with Strip Savvy. The many excellent photographs show Kate Henderson's quilts made with the textured modern fabrics that I am into these days. Then other VQMG challenges intervened (Michael Miller, UFOs, round robin), until it came time for the mini quilt swap.

I learned by creeping my partner on Pinterest that she likes house blocks and white. Unfortunately, reviewing possible options online I found that house blocks can range from fussy to twee. That was not the look I was after, as we are the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. Then remembering my lapsed book review, I re-visited Strip Savvy and the stars aligned because Kate Henderson had a house block on a white background. A cute, simple & modern one!

I re-read the author's general instructions. Everything was clear and concise, with frequent illustrations for us visual learners. Yet, the pattern for "Little Houses" involves flying geese blocks. Ha! Me & flying geese are not on friendly terms. Maybe it's from sewing on the bias, but I often have trouble losing the points and getting the sizes accurate. Re-visiting a nemesis was going to be a true test of this pattern.

And, Henderson's instructions work! My points did not disappear into the seam allowance. She even had me pressing my seams open, which I tend not to do, but I followed her to the letter and it worked. These blocks strip-piece in a flash and are a great way to use up some smaller pieces of fabric. With all this success I got cocky and put away the pattern thinking I could fly these geese on my own to finish my mini version of "Little Houses." I sewed the strips of house blocks in even rows only to find that they did not quite line up. After having a heart palpitation or three, I had another look at the pattern (whenever in doubt, read the instructions!) and clever Kate had staggered her strips so that any tiny variance in block size is rendered moot. I did, however, take the liberty of making all my rows facing the same direction. As well, I started with three, but then it just didn't look like enough so I expanded my village into a sub-division with a faced binding. My mini quilt grew into a midi quilt.

Thanks to That Patchwork Place/Martingale for sharing Kate Henderson's Strip Savvy with the VMQG. I look forward to making more quilts from it and posting the results!
This book has 18 different quilt patterns including 7 with unique borders. There is a detailed section in the front with great information on working with 2 1/2" in strips. All of the quilts are fast and easy to make so this would be a great book for a beginner. My favorite is Night Sky and I'm working on it now.
Kate Henderson presents fun ideas on how to use up precuts or leftover strips, turning them into amazing quilts which are quickly put together and sure to please everyone. Her 18 inspiring modern designs will get you running to your stash, as I did to mine. I especially appreciated her innovative techniques for constructing traditional blocks, something I always look for to ease and speed up my projects. What, with only two hands and hundreds of quilts I want to make, I need help!

I read the General Instructions section carefully and got many tips for improving my quilting experience. The pattern instructions are clear, with lots of diagrams to ensure we understand the process. I already made her "Little Houses" quilt, with my own spin on it. You will love this book!
Everyone has 2 ½” strips languishing away in their stash. This is the most common size of strips that quilters use and is particularly popular in a pre-cut form. Quilters use 2 ½” particularly for binding and making half square triangles.
Quilter Kate Henderson has created a wonderful publication that sets about using those errant 2 ½” strips and has designed 18 fabulous quilts that are not only unique designs but scrappy quilts; very close to this quilters heart is using up scraps. The book is titled Strip Savvy – 2 ½” Strip Quilting Designs and is written by Kate Henderson. I received a complimentary eBook from Martingale recently.

Not to put too much emphasis on it, but Kate is an Ozzie quilter, who hails from the great state of Western Australia.
Kate describes her quilts as traditional with a modern twist and I think that description is very apt. These quilt patterns are very unique, bright and happy designs that will suit any bedroom décor, because they’re scrappy quilts. Some of the quilts come with borders, others not.
What I really like about this publication is that Kate has taken the time to give in depth general instructions at the front of the book. Most authors like to put their general information at the back. I like the idea of having information at the front so that I’m more inclined to read through these instructions before embarking or attempting one of the patterns. Kate’s instructions are very clear and well written, and the diagrams and photographs are well focused and situated in harmony with the written instructions.
Because this publication has a narrow focus on 2 ½” strips, the instructions are very simple and easy to understand – take a strip cut it a certain length etc.
I have found this quilt book to be very informative and I believe it would be a very good addition to any quilter’s library. In my view, this book would be best utilised by the beginner to intermediate quilter and I thoroughly recommend it to any budding quilter.
Kate gives us a fresh look on how to use jelly rolls, how to collect 2 1/2" strips, and how to store them. She also has clear cut directions on how to attach binding and also gives you suggestions for quilting these modern looking quilts.
I've gathered quite a collection of Jelly Rolls, but didn't find the right project for them.... untill now! This book is great! It has 18 different projects and it's really hard to chose my favourite! The book is also informative about how to chose a good background-fabric and different quilting motifs. There are quilts with a border and quilts without borders. The quilts seem like an optical illusion, so it's hard to look away from them! My two favourites are “Ocean Waves” and “Night Sky”, if I really had to pick. So no more excuses... I'm going to grab my Jelly Rolls and get sewing!
I just received my copy of Strip Savvy. I'm a follower of Kate's blog and love her fresh, colorful style. It speaks to me. Her book is filled with charming quilts that will satisfy the needs of a beginner as well allow you to whip up a great project in no time. She gives helpful basic information and techniques to maximize the use of 2 1/2" strips. Hard to decide which project to make first. Got jelly rolls? Get Kate's book!
I love these quilts. I can't wait to make a couple of them. I like the colors. Your book is amazing.
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Kate Henderson

Kate Henderson learned to sew clothes at the age of 12 and has sewn for herself ever since. After her twins were born in 2005, she began designing soft toys for them, which led to selling her toy creations as a way to stay sane while her babies were little. Soon she began selling patterns for the toys and quilts she was making. Kate lives in the southwest of Western Australia with her husband and four girls.

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