Stitches to Savor 2019 Calendar

by Sue Spargo
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Enjoy Sue Spargo's captivating work all year long in this spectacular wall calendar, the third in this series. A 3" x 6" sized, at-a-glance calendar format lets Sue's quilts shine in big, beautiful photographs that are so realistic that when you hang the calendar, it actually looks like a quilt on the wall! Owners of the calendar will want to slow the days to savor each amazing stitch. Patterns not included.

by Sue Spargo
12" x 12"
Format Description:
full color, staple-bound w/grommet and shrink-wrap
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Publication Date:
July 2nd, 2018
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This title accepted for returns only in resale condition

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Sue Spargo

Sue Spargo was born in Zambia and educated in South Africa before moving to England and then to the US. The sharply contrasting environments and cultures she has experienced are a rich source of inspiration for her designs. Sue is a prolific designer who enjoys leading workshops, traveling, and spending time with her children. Visit her at

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