Stitches to Savor - 2016 Wall-Art Calendar of Designs by Sue Spargo - NO LONGER AVAILABLE / OUT OF PRINT

by Sue Spargo
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Treat yourself to a year of beauty as only Sue Spargo can stitch it! Long admired by quilters, the work of folk artist Sue Spargo is an exploration of texture, fabrics, and embellishments. Now, for the first time, her captivating pieces are yours to enjoy every day for an entire year with Stitches to Savor: 2016 Wall-Art Calendar of Designs by Sue Spargo, available from Martingale. Her creativity--the distinctive way she blends simple shapes, exquisite stitches, and diverse thread and fabric choices--shines through with each passing month. You'll want to slow the days to savor each amazing stitch!

  • Enjoy rich, full-color photography that comes in so close, you'll find yourself running your hand across the pages--you can almost feel the texture of Sue's handwork
  • Featuring at-a-glance dates, the 12"-square calendar unfolds to showcase stunning 12" x 24" detailed photographs
  • Discover breathtaking stitcheries rendered in remarkable combinations of wool, cotton, and assorted embellishments


by Sue Spargo
12" x 12"
Format Description:
full color; staple bound w/grommet and shrink-wrap
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Publication Date:
July 7th, 2015
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This title is out of print; Returns accepted in resale condition only until November 6th, 2016

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Review from The Applique Society Newsletter, September/October 2015

Sometimes something as simple as a calendar can be so much more than a means of keeping track of the days. Every year we have an opportunity to decorate our walls with calendars that are full of lovely photographs of quilts. These calendars are appreciated by quilters everywhere as they are not only useful day trackers and help us stay organized but the quilts featured on the calendars provide inspiration and often times patterns for these featured quilts are included with the calendar. This year there is one very special calendar that is a "must have". Yes, I said a "must have" if you enjoy color, exquisite stitching and quilting. Martingale's Stitches to Savor 2016 Wall-Art Calendar of Designs by Sue Spargo is absolutely beautiful. Every day you will be able to enjoy folk-artist Sue Spargo's texture and depth found in all her designs. The calendar features photos of 12 of Sue's quilts plus the cover quilt. One of the best features of this calendar is that on the bottom of each page you will find an enlarged photo showing a section of the quilt in great detail. The dates are tastefully placed in the lower right hand corner of the page. This calendar is a feast for your eyes. You will want to spend time just looking at the work. The detailed photos provide an opportunity to see the stitching up close. This calendar is on the market now and would make a great gift item for yourself or someone you know. Pick up your copy now!
Review from Fons & Porter Love of Quilting, November/December 2015

You can enjoy the beautiful creations of Sue Spargo every day for an entire year! Sue's distinctive work is an exploration of texture, fabrics, and embellishments that makes her pieces captivating to quilters worldwide. Large close-up photographs show detail you can almost feel.

Sue Spargo

Sue Spargo was born in Zambia and educated in South Africa before moving to England and then to the US. The sharply contrasting environments and cultures she has experienced are a rich source of inspiration for her designs. Sue is a prolific designer who enjoys leading workshops, traveling, and spending time with her children. Visit her at

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