Stash Statement - Make the Most of Your Fabrics with Easy Improv Quilts

by Kelly Young
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Welcome to structured improvisation, where there's a plan in place...but still plenty of room to play!

Learn three methods for sewing together rectangles, squares, strips, and even the tiniest fabric scraps to create new yardage; then use the resulting scrappy fabrics in a dozen dazzling step-by-step quilt patterns. Start by working with just one color at a time to get the hang of improv piecing. Soon you'll progress to mixing colors and prints in scrap-packed quilts that will give a happy home to every piece of fabric you've ever saved!

by Kelly Young
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April 2nd, 2018

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Review from Make Modern Magazine, Issue 21

Improv quilting is a fabulous way to use all your fabric and it's increasingly popular in the modern quilting world. But many of us don't want the visually overwhelming effect improv often provides and would prefer unity in our quilts--if this is you, this book is your gateway to the joy of improv!

Kelly uses 'structured improv' to create amazing improv quilts that aren't completely out of control. Each of the quilts in this book has a pattern to follow (hallelujah!), and uses both improv piecing and background fabric to create a uniform foundation. She offers three different methods of improv--panels, strips and blocks--so you can use the best technique for the quilt you're working on. Her techniques are virtually waste-free and you can use any kind of fabric and any size scrap. The whole process of improv is freeing, and while Kelly offers detailed technique directions, she also encourages you to set aside your seam rippers, pins, rotary cutters and rulers while piecing--how liberating!

The 12 quilt projects featured all have a modern feel and use a range of techniques to great effect. They're organised in sections that ease you into the art of improv, starting with colour play, moving to a less organised palette with a unifying background, and through to quilts that use improv for the background with solid blocks.

Kelly Young

As a former elementary teacher, Kelly loves that quilting is a perfect blend of creativity and structure, form, and function. She grew up helping her grandmother choose fabrics for quilts, and she cherishes quilts passed down through her family. With the rise of the modern quilting movement, Kelly's passion for quilting gained new energy and she began blogging. Later she began designing patterns, teaching classes, and lecturing about quilting. Kelly is a member of the Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild.

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