The Sock Knitter's Handbook - Expert Advice, Tips, and Tricks

by Beth Parrott, Charlene Schurch
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Love knitting socks but sometimes hit a snag? Carry this handy answer book in your knitting bag! Well-known experts Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott demystify all aspects of sock knitting.

  • Find clear instructions for both toe-up and cuff-down sock knitting
  • Learn multiple techniques for knitting: casting on and binding off, working heels and toes, making size adjustments, and more
  • Browse a stitch dictionary of favorite texture patterns; find options for creating your own unique socks

by Beth Parrott, Charlene Schurch
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March 20th, 2012

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Review from Knit 1.2.3 magazine

This is a comprehensive handbook for knitters who love, or would like to love, knitting socks. It's loaded with information appropriate for beginners and experts alike, yet it's compact enough to fit easily in a small knitting bag. The opening line of the introduction sets the stage, "All things are difficult until they are easy." Schurch and Parrott aptly apply this to sock knitting, which often mystifies even experienced knitters, and they go on to offer a wonderful guide to make the process easy. The photographs of the different types of heels are reason enough to spend time with this book!
Review from The Bookwatch

Charlene Schurch & Beth Parrott's The Sock Knitter's Handbook: Expert Advice, Tips, and Tricks provides fine instructions for both toe-up and cuff-down sock knitting and teaches a range of techniques for knitting, from casting on and working with heels and toes to sizing and binding off. A hardcover with lay-flat binding and spine lettering makes it easy to follow the instructions while knitting, while the diversity of stitches, methods and different sock styles lends to its use by beginning knitters who want a range of approaches.
Review of The Sock Knitter's Handbook by Paula Moliver for the Hartford Knitting Examiner

Socks are fun to knit. Toe-up, cuff-down, double pointed needles, circular needles, one at a time, two at a time and then there are still creative descisions to be made. Sock knitting is addicting. You have either made many pairs or never knitted a pair but, socks have crossed your mind.

Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott have come out with The Sock Knitter's Handbook, expert advice, tips, and tricks. "All things are difficult until they are easy." Socks compromise several diverse techniques that are each knitter friendly, in their own way.

The book itself is small enough to carry in your knitting bag. It is also spiral bound, allowing the book to lie flat when in use. The many photographs are clear and close-up to show detail.

From the architecture to the construction, you will learn all you need to know about knitting socks. There are different variations for casting on, binding off and a variety of heels and toes. There are answers to repairing socks, changing the gauge, avoiding color pooling, adding a motif, special fit issues, improving the durability of the sock and much more.

As if this wasn't enough, there is a stitch dictionary section with 29 stitch charts to help you design a sock with stitches of your choosing. If you are a sock knitter or want to become one, this book will answer your questions and offer helpful solutions to creating a great sock. It's a sock handbook reference guide.

Beth Parrott

Although Beth Parrott has been knitting for more than 60 years, until recently she designed socks and other garments only for family and for charity projects. She loves to teach and is an avid collector of tricks-of-the-trade and tidbits of information that make knitting easier. She works, plays, knits, and teaches in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Charlene Schurch

Charlene Schurch is the author of a growing number of knitting books and numerous magazine articles about knitting and spinning. Her articles have appeared in Vogue Knitting, Knitters, Interweave Knits, Piecework, and SpinOff. She divides her time between Connecticut and Florida.

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