Small Wonders - Tiny Treasures to Fuse, Embroider, and Enjoy

by Serena Boffa Soda
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Peek inside the teeny-tiny world of Italian quiltmaker Serena Boffa Soda, a place where petite pleasures abound! Study these sweet quilts with their fast-to-fuse appliques (we promise!) and you'll discover delightful details upon a closer look:

* Thumbnail-high houses complete with doors and windows
* Itty-bitty pumpkins ready to harvest
* Mini sheep grazing in a mini meadow
* Laundry hung on a pint-size clothesline
* Birds the size of sunflower seeds taking flight

Only basic sewing and embroidery skills are needed, and these pages are packed with how-to for every step (so don't sweat the small stuff!). As you stitch, you'll learn what Serena knows to be true: it's the little things that make all the difference.

by Serena Boffa Soda
8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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August 1st, 2018

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Serena Boffa Soda

Serena Boffa Soda developed a love for handmade projects from an early age. In 2002, together with her sister, she established and ran a store entirely dedicated to women's creative passions. A year later, Serena ventured into the art of quilting, developing her own skills and then teaching in the store. Although the shop adventure has since come to an end, Serena's love for sewing and fabrics has grown steadily over the years. She continues developing her own techniques and designs with that unmistakable miniature style, and always with passionate attention to detail. A proud Italian quilter, she lives in Cuneo, Piemonte, with her husband, Ivo.

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