Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts - Patterns Inspired by Antique Quilts

by Mary Elizabeth Kinch, Biz Storms

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Mary Elizabeth and Biz present an exciting follow-up to their best-selling Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts! Large, striking quilts with small pieces invite you to slow down and savor the creative process. "Batch work" methods keep you organized from start to finish.

  • Enjoy rarely seen photos of antique quilts, plus a brief historical perspective on small-piece designs
  • Choose from 10 eye-popping quilt patterns that spotlight reproduction fabrics
  • Find expert cutting and stitching advice and inventive construction techniques

by Mary Elizabeth Kinch, Biz Storms
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May 8th, 2012
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Review from Barbara Rhoades

If you love small pieces for making quilts, this will be the book you want in your library. Personally, I'm not a fan of those small pieces but the book covers lots of wonderful items for those quilters who do.

Ten different patterns will give you many ways to make beautiful items with small pieces. It is a good book for using up your scraps as well. Just add a background fabric that is yardage, not small scraps, and you will have yourself a nice item for your bed or to give as a gift.

Well written instructions and graphics make it easy to follow the pattern. There are tips in framed boxes and the quilting instructions tell you how their item was quilted. All the patterns are quilts but by reducing the number of blocks, you could make wall hangings, table toppers or runners.

A six-page section called Finishing School helps you complete the quilts. Biographies of the two authors are found on the last page. Have fun with all those small pieces!
Review from Fabrications Quilting for You, December 2012/January 2013

Yes, I am talking small here and at first I glazed over, just too much piecing! Stick with it though because you can enjoy rarely seen photos of antique quilts, plus a brief historical perspective on small-piece designs and some expert cutting and stitching advice. Antique quilts were made during a period when time was not necessarily of the essence and a quilt could take years to finish. The spotlight here is firmly on the use of reproduction and accent fabrics coupled with inventive construction techniques to speed up the process, but which still give the antique look to your quilt. There are excellent ideas for using up your scraps and there are some really spectacular end results using small pieces.

Mary Elizabeth Kinch

Mary Elizabeth Kinch started quilting in 1975 while working as an historical interpreter at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, Ontario. Passionate about creativity since she was very young and always fascinated with fabric and color, she obtained one of her degrees in fashion design. A lifelong exposure to the arts and antiques has contributed to her love of design and her fondness for the antique quilts she studies and collects.

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Biz Storms

After 15 years in advertising, Biz Storms redirected her life to marriage and children. A crib quilt for her daughter led to the world of quilting and eventually to writing quilt books.

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