Skip the Borders - Easy Patterns for Modern Quilts

by Julie Herman
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Create quilts with simple designs, strong lines, and a modern aesthetic. With this innovative collection, popular blogger and designer Julie Herman, the owner of Jaybird Quilts, inspires you to create stunning quilts--without borders!

  • Choose from 15 easy quilt patterns where design is the star and fabric is the supporting actor
  • Learn the structure of a borderless quilt; explore various bindings and their effect on the overall look
  • See what can be done when color is used in bold ways to support a borderless quilt design

by Julie Herman
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August 6th, 2012

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Review from The Quilter magazine

Who among us wouldn't like to take a break from borders once in a while? In her first book, quilt designer and popular blogger Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts presents simple innovative quilt designs that have a fresh color palette and no borders! With a decade of quilting experience behind her and a good eye for color, Julie gives herself and others permission to break the rules. While some quilt designs need borders to look complete, others can stand strongly on their own, according to Julie. In Skip the Borders, she explores the structure of borderless quilts, what makes them work, how the binding affects the look, and how color can be used in bold ways to support the design. If you'd like to be free of borders, this is the book for you!
Review from Barbara Rhoades

Borders - this has always been a question for any quilter. Do I or don't I put borders on my quilt? How many, how wide or should I just forget them entirely?

This book is all about "just forget them entirely". With the 19 page section that begins the book, you are given all the basics you need to create a quilt. Whether you are a beginner or an expert or somewhere in between, this section will refresh your memory or help you learn things such as cutting, pinning and binding.

The projects are divided into One-Block quilts, Two-Block quilts and what is called Outside The Block quilts. The one and two block projects are self-explanatory. The section on Outside The Block is all about quilts with different types of blocks to make up the quilt. Rectangles, squares on point which require setting triangles and applique circles will be found in this section.

The usual things can be found in the project instructions such as a color photo of the quilt, a materials and cutting list and lots of graphics to keep you on track. There are no specific instructions for quilting the items.

My only trouble is I don't know when I will find time to make all the wonderful quilts in this book. Hope you do.
Review from Fabrications Quilting For You, December 2012/January 2013

Create quilts with simple designs, strong lines and a modem aesthetic by drawing ideas from this new collection from popular blogger and designer Julie Herman, the owner of Jaybird Quilts. The main emphasis centers on the belief that the quilts don't have or need borders. Julie shows you the structure of a borderless quilt, explores various bindings and how these elements affect the overall look of your quilt. It is interesting to see what can be achieved by the use of color when used in a bold way to support a borderless quilt design. There aren't any parameters, just go for it.
Review from Modern Quilt Guild-London, April 2014

I was really happy when this book came up on the LMQG review list as it had been on my Amazon wish list for ages and the week before, I had purchased my very own copy! Julie says in the introduction that she drew on her love of teaching to work out how to put together the text and I think that comes across in her writing style; friendly, relaxed and informative with permission to break the rules!

There are 15 quilts in this book split into 3 sections - "one block", "two block" and "outside-the-block" quilts. There are no templates but each quilt is beautifully illustrated with a full page photo along with clear and easy to follow instructions on materials needed, cutting details and a cutting diagram. Once you've cut everything out there are further diagrams to illustrate how each individual block is assembled and how the quilt top as a whole is assembled.

There's a section at the beginning of the book which breaks down the structure of a quilt without borders and I like the idea that not using borders means some of the designs look as if they could "go on and on". The book also includes a really helpful section on binding, which personally I think will be something I'll refer to again and again. Especially the binding calculator which tells you how much you need dependent on the size of the quilt - no more cutting three times the length I actually need!... Overall, this is a well written book of thoughtfully designed patterns which I think will provide inspiration for quilters of all skill levels.

Julie Herman

Julie Herman is better known in the quilting community as Jaybird, a childhood nickname. An active blogger, Julie has had her quilts published in numerous quilting magazines. She has a quilt-pattern line called Jaybird Quilts. Her motto is "One girl on a mission to make life better with fabric!"

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