Simple Strategies for Block-Swap Quilts

by Lynn Roddy Brown
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It's hard to resist a block swap! If you've ever wondered what to do with all those blocks you've collected in guild swaps, online trades, or at antique shops, this book has the answers. You'll find plenty of options--including cutting lists for making individual quilts if you don't have a collection of blocks.

  • Find step-by-step instructions for creating 15 scrap quilts
  • Get tips for starting a successful block swap, including suggested block sizes, fabric choices, and more
  • Increase your creative options with the alternate layout suggestion in each project

by Lynn Roddy Brown
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January 13th, 2009

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Review from Stick Your Nose in a Book: Quilting Book Reviews by Jennifer Zoeterman

If you've ever been in a block swap, you know it can be difficult to work with what you get. This is a great book for guilds, quilting groups, or internet swaps. Lynn helps you work through some of problems that can arise: blocks off-size, colors you may not usually work with, and choosing great blocks. In many cases she shows her finished quilt and the same design from another block-swap member.

This book is filled with 15 great scrap quilts. Yardage and instructions are given not only for trading blocks, but also for making the quilts on your own.

Lynn Roddy Brown

Lynn Roddy Brown began sewing at the age of eight. Two years later she won the Singer regional dressmaking contest and received a sewing machine as her prize. She has now published several popular books on quiltmaking.

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