Simple Friendships 2 Quilt-Along

Welcome to Kim Diehl's Simple Friendships 2
Mystery Sampler Quilt-Along!

Kim is celebrating nearing 25,000 followers on Instagram with a fun QAL based on blocks from her latest book with Jo Morton, Simple Friendships 2. Buy the book at your local quilt shop, at Martingale's website, or online wherever books are sold (you'll need the book to follow the block-making instructions.) Then gather fabrics from your stash or visit your local quilt shop for some new fabrics. Now you're ready to quilt along with us!

Bookmark this page so you can always find everything you need to keep track of your weekly progress. Each Monday at 6:00 am (Mountain time), Kim will reveal the next blocks to make on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Follow her instructions each week and use the hashtag #SimpleFriendships2qal when posting your progress on social media.

When you post to social media using the hashtag above, you'll be automatically entered into a random drawing to receive a Simple Reflections journal from Kim, a gift certificate from Martingale, a fat-quarter bundle of Kim's fabric from Henry Glass, AND a fat-quarter bundle of 25 favorite prints from Kim's assorted fabric collections with Henry Glass after the quilt-along is complete! (Winners outside the USA will receive a collection of 5 Kim Diehl eBooks, curated by Kim herself.)

Here's the five-week schedule for the quilt-along:

WEEK 1 (See Kim's Instagram post about week 1 blocks here)

Keep in mind that this little mystery quilt is scrappy, making it a perfect project for raiding your fabric stash. I’ll post a photo of my stitched blocks each week to give you a bit of a visual guide, but ultimately, choose your own favorite colors and have fun with this project. No rules!


-- Using the Simple Friendships II book, follow cutting for 1 Small Ohio Star Variation block on page 100. Follow steps 8–10, beginning on page 104, to piece one block.

-- You’ll be piecing two center-square units ONLY from the Courthouse Steps Variation blocks. Follow cutting instructions on page 68, using the listings for the assorted red scraps and the assorted dark scraps ONLY, and repeating to make a total of two patchwork sets. Follow steps 1–2, beginning on page 68, to piece two center-square units.

WEEK 2 (See Kim's Instagram post about week 2 blocks here)

-- Using the Simple Friendships II book, follow “Cutting for 1 Goose on the Loose Block” on page 90, substituting a cream print for the black background print called for in the book and disregarding the instruction to cut one 2” x 3” rectangle, because we aren’t exchanging blocks. Follow steps 1 – 6, beginning on page 92, to piece one block.

-- Follow “Cutting for 1 Hearth and Home Block” on page 38, substituting your color of choice for the green print, to cut 4 squares, 1 7/8” x 1 7/8” (cut each square in half diagonally as instructed in the book, for a total of 8 triangles), and 8 squares 1 1/2” x 1 1/2”. Please note that for this mystery project, the remaining cutting for the green print can be disregarded. Use a neutral cream print in place of the specified unbleached muslin to cut the remaining pieces needed for one block. Follow steps 1 – 7, beginning on page 40, to piece one block.

WEEK 3 (See Kim's Instagram post about week 3 blocks here)

-- Using the Simple Friendships II book, follow “Cutting for 2 Flock of Geese Blocks” on page 60, keeping in mind that you can ignore the instruction to cut the 3 1/2” x 8 1/2” rectangles from light and dark prints, because this project isn’t part of an exchange. You can choose to use one dark print and one light print as specified in the book to cut your needed pieces, OR, for a scrappier look, you can follow my lead and cut one 2 7/8” square from EACH of two different dark prints (for a total of 2 squares), and four 1 7/8” squares from EACH of two different dark prints (for a total of 8 squares). When cutting your cream background pieces, you can use as many or few prints as you’d like to personalize the look of your patchwork. Follow ONLY steps 1 – 4, beginning on page 62, to piece four large half-square-triangle units and four small triangle units. DO NOT assemble the units into blocks, as we’ll be changing things up slightly when we finish this mystery project!

WEEK 4 (See Kim's Instagram post about week 4 blocks here)

-- Using the Simple Friendships II book, follow “Cutting for 1 Churn Dash Block” on page 8; repeat for a total of four sets of patchwork pieces. Please note that for my blocks, I cut the pieces for two blocks as specified, I cut a third set of pieces with the light and dark prints reversed, and I cut the pieces for my fourth block using two complimentary prints. Do what pleases you! Follow steps 1 – 4, beginning on page 11, to piece four blocks.

The final mystery-quilt finishing instructions are revealed! Download step-by-step directions for finishing Kim's mystery quilt here.

Thanks for joining us, and happy quilting!