Simple Charm - 12 Scrappy Patchwork and Appliqué Quilt Patterns

by Kim Diehl
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Kim Diehl adds a delightful new collection to her best-selling Simple series of books. Quilters will be thrilled to find beautifully scrappy quilt patterns in a variety of sizes.

  • Kim's signature "Pin Point" tips help ensure success
  • Gorgeous photos offer a host of inspiring decorating ideas
  • Quilt patterns feature Kim's trademark mixture of patchwork and applique

by Kim Diehl
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May 8th, 2012

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Review from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

Kim brings you a delightful new collection of scrappy patterns in a mixture of patchwork and appliqué along with her "Pin Point" tips to help ensure success. Gorgeous photos offer a host of inspiring decorating ideas.
Review from Popular Patchwork

Kim Diehl adds to her best-selling Simple series of books with another glorious collection of scrappy and appliqué quilt patterns in this title. She combines applique and patchwork to create the folk art feel that has become her trademark style. Scrap quilt books are always useful for projects to make clever use of the smaller pieces in your stash, but one of the key points that differentiates this book from other titles in the same vein is that Diehl creates added value throughout with her useful pinpoint tips. Her work is highly and intricately quilted, which adds a lot of texture and dimension to the finished projects, so for lovers of the unfussy this may be initially off-putting. But stick with her as Diehl's techniques and designs are synonymous with quality American quilting. Her use of autumnal spicy palettes might not work for everyone but they are seasonally apt. In fact, the trick is to see beyond the fabrics used and to imagine how effective the designs would look when replaced with some of your own favourite prints.
Review from Barbara Rhoades

Kim Diehl is one of my favorite quilt authors. She uses earth tones but in a brighter shade than some of the other earth tone authors. This book is no exception to her wonderful color and pattern selections.

The book has 13 patterns using appliqué and piecing techniques to create quilts with circles, squares and triangles. There are quilts, table runners and even a fun kitty pillow for your cat friends.

The patterns begin with a color photo and a paragraph about the quilt. Materials and cutting lists are clearly written and easy to follow. The written instructions have enough graphics to keep you going in the right direction. Templates, if needed, are included at full size.

Then comes another picture of the quilt which has the finished quilt and block size and who designed, pieced and quilted it. There are two special colored boxes - one called Pin Point which give you tips on how to use your materials wisely. The other box - called Quilting the Quilt, gives you the description of how the quilt you are looking at was quilted. I LOVE it when the author does this. It doesn't mean I have to follow what the author did but it certainly makes it easier for me to decide how to quilt it.

The book's last section is 17 pages on the basics followed by a two paragraph bio on Kim Diehl. This book is one that I plan to keep in my library.
Review from Fabrications Quiliting for You, December 2012/January 2013

There are some lovely scrappy quilt ideas presented here with a mixture of patchwork and applique. Inspiring photographs are sure to give you decorating ideas and Kim's signature 'Pin Point' tips help ensure a successful finished article. The projects are warm and 1ich in color and manage to combine in the scrappy quilt patterns, some modem fabrics, along with the more traditional. I am not so sure about the bonus stuffed patchwork cat, but each to their own! What a dull world it would be if we all had the same focus on quilting and the same ideas on design.

Kim Diehl

After falling in love with a sampler quilt pattern in the late 1990s, Kim Diehl impulsively purchased it, taught herself the steps to make it, and then realized she was smitten with quiltmaking. As her newfound passion blossomed into a full-time career, Kim began publishing her original designs, traveling nationally to teach her approachable quiltmaking methods, and ultimately designing fabrics--a dream come true for a girl who once wondered if she had what it took to make a single quilt!

Using modern time-saving techniques enables Kim to be prolific in her quiltmaking, and there's always something new in the works. Her favorite quilts feature scrappy color schemes sewn from a mix of richly hued prints, and her designs often blend traditionally inspired patchwork with applique designs.

In addition to authoring numerous books, including her Simple series with Martingale, Kim continues to design quilting fabric collections and Simple Whatnots Club projects in her signature scrap-basket style for Henry Glass & Co.

After retiring from an extensive travel and teaching schedule, Kim now spends her days at home doing what she loves most: designing quilts and fabrics, baking, stitching, gardening, and being a nana to her two young granddaughters as she teaches them to love all things creative.

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