Sew, Slice, Spin and Sash - Quick and Easy Strip-Pieced Quilts

by Theresa Ward
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Do you have hours rather than weeks to work on a quilt? Theresa Ward has the solution! Discover how to use precuts from your local quilt shop or fabric from your stash to create quick and easy quilts that look fantastic with Theresa's unique sew, slice, spin, and sash technique.

  • One simple technique and 11 projects that are fun for everyone; projects include patterns that are perfect for precuts
  • Piece most quilt tops in just a few hours--ideal when you need a quick gift
  • Start with precut strips or cut strips of any width from your stash for endless possibilities


by Theresa Ward
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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February 2nd, 2016
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Super fun and creative book with 11 fun and fast designs, each with easy to follow instructions and great visuals. This is an excellent book for new quilters, but also for experienced quilters. While it is perfect for those wanting to work with precuts it is also a great book for those that want to do some serious stash busting.

The retail price of this book makes it an exception value, especially when you consider the cost of a standalone pattern vs what the cost of this book is for 11 beautiful projects.
Even for long time quilters, this book proves that there are always new ideas and techniques to learn. This book provides a path to using up all that stash fabric and creating unique quilts in record time.
If you are often asked to make a quilt for someone, then this is the book for you. The simple yet ingenious ideas described in this book will let you make more quilts in much less time. The technique results in clean graphic lines that reflect the modern sensibilities of quilting today. Once you have the idea down, you can quickly make any of the gorgeous quilts featured in the book, or launch off into your own designs, with this as a framework. The added benefit, at least for me, is that you can use all the beautiful fabrics you already own, showcasing them in striking designs. More quilts in less time while using your treasured fabrics? Win Win Win
Wow, this book is definitely a quick and easy way to shrink your fabric stash into strips so you can buy more fabric! (which is always a "HAPPY" plus for me.)
Also love that the author shares her great way to "glue baste" your fabric pieces prior to sewing in an economical way.
"Uneven Bars" is my fav quilt from this book.
I receive an advance copy of Theresa Ward’s book Sew, Slice, Spin and Sash, from That Patchwork Place.
Whether you're a beginner or more experienced quilter this book is filled with all the tips, tricks and basic techniques needed to make fantastic quilts. There are clear detailed instructions with photos and illustrations of each step.
All of us have occasions where we need to create a quilt for someone's special occasion or for someone in need. Theresa’s book allows you to make these quilts quickly with the basic strip methods.
Whether you use precuts, cut your own strips with the rotary cutter or in my case my “Accu quilt GO” cutter, you can put together a quilt using anything from fun novelty prints to elegant florals without having to worry about matching points.

My favorite tip
“Elmer’s school glue” with the fine tips is so much better than pinning!
Theresa's ingenious technique is illustrated in a variety of quilts made from an assortment of fabric styles - solids, batiks, florals, 2-color, and novelty prints. No two quilts will be the same using her "sew, slice, spin & sash" technique. "Sew, Slice, Spin & Sash" is the perfect book for a guild challenge, retreat and charity quilts, or class at a local quilt shop.

In this book, Theresa shows quilters what quilted treasures they have in their stash just waiting to be made. Even a "brand new" stack of fabric doesn't have to wait years before coming alive in a new quilt. The easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams along with time-saving tips take the guesswork out for quilters.

Whether a beginner quilter or a novice, "Sew, Slice, Spin & Sash" provides lots of inspiration for any quilter to get sewing today!
Sew, Slice Spin and Sash by Theresa Ward,
Published by That Patchwork Place,
51 pages Feb. 2, 2016.
I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of Theresa Ward’s book Sew, Slice, Spin and Sash, from That Patchwork Place, what a treat!
Theresa’s tips on glue, to the flower pin head use (why didn’t I think of that) are very useful for any quilter.
The patterns in the book, are the strip method which is right up my alley, yes, I’m a stripper; from Jelly Rolls to Accuquilt Go for cutting strips. The combining the different widths of strips is a plus for the stripper in me. In no time I was cutting and using my stash. The ease the strips go together, with the no match method is for all quilters, from your first to the advance quilter that wants a stress free fun quilt. This book is a stash buster!
Sew, Slice, Spin and Sash is a must in all quilters libraries, enjoy, I am.
Sew, Slice, Spin and Sash is a must have book for
Every quilters library. This book is written and illustrated for all skill levels. The fun method and all the different patterns make for endless possibilities
And so many color palettes to have fun with. Instructions are very easy to follow. Thumbs UP
On this book!
This is a MUST HAVE for your quilt library.....skillfully written and beautifully illustrated, with lots of detailed diagrams for easy construction. Whether you're making your first quilt or your 99th, you will enjoy this book and gain something from it...from the great TIPS, like using glue to increase accuracy to the easy to follow "SEW" -- "SLICE" -- "SPIN" -- "SASH" icons that lead you through each quilt pattern of Theresa's. Her method of getting a quilt made in hours instead of days is just what the busy women (and men!!) of today need.
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Review from Fabrications Quilting for You Magazine, Sept/Oct 2016

Do you have a limited amount of time to work on quilts and do you have an enormous stash that just keeps growing? Put the two together with any of these eleven projects and create quick and easy quilts. Follow all of the techniques and tips including the alternative use of glue, instead of pins, to secure seams whilst sewing and you are ready to begin. The first project, "Black and White", was the inspiration to create more of these simple, but pleasing quilts in different fabrics; rich batiks, solids, florals and animals, in fact, anything and everything; the possibilities are endless.

Theresa Ward

Theresa Ward of Leavenworth, Kansas, is the owner of Always Quilts, a long-arm machine quilting business. She enjoys designing quilt patterns, teaching workshops, traveling, and visiting quilt shows with friends. Visit Theresa at

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