Ruby Beholder - A Value-Finding Tool - NO LONGER AVAILABLE / OUT OF PRINT

by Pat Magaret, Donna Slusser
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The Ruby Beholder is a value finder and window template in one handy tool. It is designed to help you sort fabrics by value and to select and isolate 1½" squares (finished size) that contain special motifs or colors. You can use the cutout end as a template for marking and cutting the desired squares. The ruby red rectangle is indispensable for sorting fabrics and evaluating shadings.

How to Use the Ruby Beholder as a Value Finder
When you look through the ruby red rectangle, all you see is value, which makes it easier to organize fabrics in shadings from light to dark.
1. Select three fabrics with different values (one dark, one medium, and one light) and place them next to each other.
2. Stand back from these fabrics and look at them through the Ruby Beholder. Notice that the Ruby Beholder masks the colors so you see only relative values.

Ruby Beholder

3. Now add more fabrics to the selection and use the value finder to sort them into rows that run from light to dark.

by Pat Magaret, Donna Slusser
4" x 7"
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April 1st, 2001

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