How to Request a Review Copy

Thank you for your interest in reviewing Martingale books! To see our selection of titles, have a look around the site. (To view project images, simply go to the book’s product page and click on the gallery.) Once you’ve decided which books you’d like to review, please complete the form below and indicate the books you are interested in by title.

You are welcome to review our entire range of titles, not just new releases. To request any book for review, simply list it on the form below.

Please note that review copies are not for resale. However, you may use review copies for contests, giveaways, or donations to guilds and libraries.

As a courtesy, please send us a link/tear sheet each time you review a Martingale book. This way, we can distribute your cited review through our own channels and make sure you remain on our mailing list. Send your reviews to

We hope to inspire you and your readers with our books. If you have more specific questions, please ask them in the “comments” section of the form below. Thanks again for your interest!

A special note for bloggers

If you’re a blogger who posts book reviews, we’re delighted you’ve found us! We offer free copies of books to select bloggers whose focus is specifically on quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, or crafts. Fill out the form below to request review copies.

Please send us a link each time you review a Martingale book. As a courtesy, please also post your review at, where so many of today’s readers go for honest reviews. Of course, you may post your review on any other book-related sites you frequent, such as Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and Library Thing.