Quilts of Love and Valor - Reproduction Quilts and an Authentic Civil War Love Story

by Becky A. Wright
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Touched by the tender, real-life letters of Jacob and Emeline Ritner, a husband and wife separated by the Civil War, author Becky A. Wright shares quilt patterns based on captivating stories the couple shared. Tales of the battlefield, news from the home front, and love maintained through nearly four years of separation are captured in 11 antique-style designs, perfect for reproduction fabrics. Excerpts from Jacob and Emeline's letters--the only complete set of Civil War letters known to exist--shed light on the inspiration behind each quilt, giving you a sense of what life was like for everyday people during the Civil War.

by Becky A. Wright
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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May 1st, 2019
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Becky A. Wright

Becky A. Wright learned to sew from her grandmother, Della Lillard, at the age of four; the two used scrap-basket pieces to make doll clothes by hand. As she grew older, she used her grandma's Singer treadle sewing machine, and it was her grandma's trunk full of quilts, many scrappy ones, that later inspired Becky's love of quilting. She gives presentations on textiles and quilts of the Civil War and enjoys sharing her love of quilting and its rich history on her blog, TheCivilWarQuilter.blogspot.com, and in her Etsy shop, Orphans of War Quilts.

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