Quiltmaking Essentials I - Cutting and Piecing Skills

by Donna Lynn Thomas
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This information-packed book of tips and techniques is a must-have resource for new quilters And a handy refresher for not-so-new quilters. Author, teacher, and piecing expert Donna Lynn Thomas covers all the basics in this easy-to-use guide to successful quiltmaking.

  • Have concise info at your fingertips in a low-cost format an excellent value
  • Understand the importance of careful pressing, why you should care, and what effect it has on your piecing
  • Find tips for fabric preparation, accurate and efficient rotary cutting, block construction, machine piecing, and more

by Donna Lynn Thomas
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June 3rd, 2014

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Review from Popular Patchwork, October 2014

The first volume in Donna Lynn Thomas' Quiltmaking Essentials series covers basic rotary-cutting, sewing, pressing and block assembly. The friendly but no-nonsense style is superb, covering all the ground it needs to with remarkable efficiency. There's a great and very quotable definition of what a quilt actually is, which will certainly help those new to the hobby describe it to the uninformed, and the book is all written in this vein. There are sensible tip boxes scattered through each section, including definitions of quilting terms, suggestions for fine-tuning particular techniques once you've mastered the basics, an extremely helpful problem solving guide that warns of potential pitfalls (and how to get out of them) and even help with the knottier math side of it all. The concise nature of the prose gives the guide superb readability and even those with a good grasp of the techniques it covers may find the book very useful as a teaching guide, or simply a way of consolidating existing knowledge. Highly recommended.
Review from The Quilt Pattern Magazine, November 2014

Quiltmaking Essentials 1 by Donna Lynn Thomas is an excellent 63-page book for beginning quilters and a great review for the rest of us. As the title implies, it explains the basic cutting and piecing techniques we need to know to make outstanding pieced quilts. There are sections on rotary cutting, pressing, block construction, and machine piecing, as well as special sewing techniques... It is colourfully and well-illustrated. I recommend it highly for everyone just starting into quilting and as a handy reference book to have on our shelves.
Review from Quiltmaker Magazine, November/December 2014

Whether you're a beginning quilter or you've been quilting for decades, you'll want to add Donna Lynn Thomas's Quilting Essentials 7: Cutting and Piecing Skills to your library. This book covers all the basics from fabrics to sewing techniques and includes helpful tips for every quilter.

Donna Lynn Thomas

Donna has been sewing since the age of four and quilting since 1975. She began teaching in 1981, and since 1988 she has been a National Quilting Association certified teacher for basic quiltmaking (NQACT). While an army wife, she lived in Germany for four years and taught routinely at a quilt shop and various guilds throughout that country. Long out of the Army, the Thomases have settled in Kansas for good. Donna still teaches nationally. The author of many quilting titles with Martingale, she has also contributed articles on various quilt-related subjects to numerous publications over the years.

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