Quiltmaking Essentials 2 - Settings and Borders, Backings and Bindings

by Donna Lynn Thomas
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Continuing where the top-selling Quiltmaking Essentials 1 left off, this concise volume shares the secrets of successful quilt construction. Recognized expert Donna Lynn Thomas presents a well-curated compendium of information that helps beginners build confidence and gives seasoned quilters a great refresher.

  • Covers the basics of settings, sashing, borders, backing, and binding
  • Easy-to-access tips and techniques for achieving accurately pieced quilts
  • Customize your quilts; easily calculate triangle sizes for on-point settings and learn how to combine blocks of different sizes

by Donna Lynn Thomas
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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May 5th, 2015
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This book is divided into five chapters. They are settings, sashing, borders, backings and bindings. With those five chapters, you will be able to put together any quilt you want to make.

The settings chapter contains 13 pages of ways and how-to position your blocks. Six pages cover how to use sashing. 19 pages discuss borders while four pages tell you all about backs. The final chapter has 13 pages on bindings. If you read each chapter, you will learn something new even if you have been quilting for many years. Each chapter has great graphics with examples of quilts that use what is written in the chapter.

At the end of the book, you will find four paragraphs about the author. I like learning about how she/he became a quilter. Also at the end are four more books written by Ms. Thomas. If you like this book, you might just want to get another one written by her.
Donna Lynn Thomas second Quiltmaking Essentials covers not only borders but also backings, bindings, sashings, and quilt block settings with lots of diagrams and photographs of quilts illustrating the different options. It is a wonderful resource for your library, particularly for those times when you make beautiful blocks but have no idea where to go from there.

Or, let's say you like the blocks of a quilt pattern but wish you could set them another way (am I the only one?): Donna shows you options and guides you with detailed and easy-to-understand instructions. You will also learn how to calculate border width, how to sew on-point quilts, unequal size block settings, how to bind scalloped borders... You get the idea!
This is the second book for quilting essentials and a great reference especially for anyone learning to quilt. Discussing the basics for settings, borders, and binding makes it easy for the beginner to understand the concepts and options of the quilting process. Whenever you feel "stuck" this along with" Quilt Essentials 1" give detailed information for making your quilting experience easy and gets those creative juices flowing. I recommend this book along with "Quilt Essentials 1" for reference material in your library.
Have you ever wanted more in depth instructions for quilting? Have you ever felt like you needed a guide book to help you with patterns you have previously purchased? Would you like to know, not just how to make a quilt a certain way, but why that's a good way to make it? What's the best way to bind a quilt, how do you make a binding look amazing? How can I set my blocks in a way that makes the quilt absolutely shine? If you have ever wanted more in depth answers to your basic quilting questions, this book is perfect for you.

I remember when I started quilting, I needed information. And lots of it. I got every book I could, I and read it from front to back. I loved the information I learned from those quilters. And I LOVE books like this, that not only teach how...but WHY? When a quilter knows the why, they know if they can tweak the method. They know when to be creative, and test the limits, and they know when to play it safe, and have a quilt that can stand up to the test of time.

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Donna Lynn Thomas

Donna has been sewing since the age of four and quilting since 1975. She began teaching in 1981, and since 1988 she has been a National Quilting Association certified teacher for basic quiltmaking (NQACT). While an army wife, she lived in Germany for four years and taught routinely at a quilt shop and various guilds throughout that country. Long out of the Army, the Thomases have settled in Kansas for good. Donna still teaches nationally. The author of many quilting titles with Martingale, she has also contributed articles on various quilt-related subjects to numerous publications over the years.

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