Accessories and Accents

$14.99 $11.69
by Kim Diehl
Relax, unwind, and make time in your busy day for a little reflection with beloved quilt designer Kim Diehl at your side. Kim's gathered photographs of...
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$26.99 $16.19
by Bonnie Sullivan
Welcome the autumn season with warm-and-woolly wonders from the best-selling author of A Change of Seasons . Start with classic patchwork projects in...

$25.99 $20.27
by Sheryl Johnson
Mismatched blocks, make-do colors, planned mistakes, and happy surprises--it's all good at Temecula Quilt Company! Inspired by quilts of the nineteenth...

$15.99 $10.23
by Serena Boffa Soda
Peek inside the teeny-tiny world of Italian quiltmaker Serena Boffa Soda, a place where petite pleasures abound! Study these sweet quilts with their...

$22.99 $20.00
by Amelia Johanson
From classic chic to fresh farmhouse, the versatility of the table runner shines in this collection of all-new projects. Thirteen designs include scrappy...

$25.99 $20.27
by Kathleen Tracy
Enjoy 13 petite quilts with ties to the past, each inspired by yesterday's traditional blocks and today's reproduction fabrics. Best-selling author Kathleen...

$27.99 $21.83
by Maggie Bonanomi
Follow this celebrated maker on a creative journey inspired by a simpler time. In Maggie Bonanomi's world, hand-drawn patterns and hand-dyed wool combine...

$29.99 $23.39
by Kim Diehl
Welcome to the wonderful world of Kim Diehl--on a splendidly small scale! Kim's little quilts have three big benefits: they're scrap friendly, they're quick...

$25.99 $20.27
by Gail Pan
Best-selling author Gail Pan returns with a new collection of designs that are a dream to embroider and a delight to admire! Inspired by Gail's daily walks,...

$13.99 $8.95
by Kathy Brown
So small, so sweet, so simple to complete! About all that's needed is a needle, thread, wool, and a little lunch-hour time to make 14 cute and creative...

$19.99 $12.79
by Jo Morton
Quilting icon Jo Morton returns with her third book in the "Jo's Little Favorites" series! Enjoy 16 more exquisite little quilts previously available only...

$28.99 $17.39
by Kathy Cardiff
When an avid gardener and seasoned quilt and stitchery designer combines her two passions, magic sprouts! Using a mix of wool and cotton as her medium and...
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