Quilting Your Style - Make-It-Unique Embellishing Techniques

by Leah Fehr
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Finally, here's a book to demystify quilting and embellishing! Each technique is presented step by step, with a 5" square as the building block. Put the "lesson" blocks to use in a sampler quilt and put the techniques to use in your own unique projects.

  • Learn beading, pin tucks, yo-yos, couching, ruching, appliquéing, and lots more
  • Fit creativity into your life--complete these projects while riding the bus or watching TV
  • Express your individuality as you develop a fun hobby that will last a lifetime

by Leah Fehr
8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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June 2nd, 2009

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From connectingthreads.com

When I think of embellishing books, I usually think of crazy quilting-like embellishments: embroidery, yarn, laces and buttons. These feel somewhat traditional to me.   This book transcends that feel completely. Not only does Leah have a fresh take on buttons and yo-yo’s, but she has creative new uses for hand and machine embroidery, plus a whole host of embellishments I would never have thought of.

The Dressing Room Sampler is designed to allow you to dabble with all of her techniques, yet end up with a cute wall hanging. The beaded trees in Cord of the Woods is playful and cute, as is the Sea Buttons wall hanging that looks like button kelp. She also has a few pieced quilts that aren’t embellished, but are unique takes on old favorites. Her Tie Burst is made up of old men's ties, but have a crazy patch appearance with a contemporary edge. I think my favorite is Casual Friday, which combines fusible and raw-edge appliquéd circles with couched cording to create a pretty and unique contemporary design.

From Australian Homespun, completecraft.com

A primer of techniques for embellishing quilts in a number of different ways--beading, pin tucking, couching, ruching, appliqueing and adding Suffolk puffs--this book will walk you step by step through ways of making quilts that are uniquely yours. None of the embellishing techniques is difficult to master, and the quilt projects that Leah provides instructions for are also quite straightforward, making this book suitable for someone with little prior experience in quiltmaking.

The quilt shown on the front cover of the book is a sampler showcasing 12 different embellishing techniques. Instructions for another nine quilts are included in the book. They include a bed quilt made from corduroy patchwork embellished with embroidery and buttons; a throw that uses black and white fabrics and sequins to make a very graphic statement; a number of bed quilts featuring appliqued circles embellished in a variety of ways; a wall hanging made exclusively from men’s ties; and a quick and easy table runner.

Leah Fehr

Leah Fehr and her grandmother collaborated on her first quilt when she was 12 years old. With the aid of a new sewing machine given to her as a college graduation gift from her parents, she has finished many more quilts since. She and her husband, a chief officer on a cruise line, divide their time between the ship and their home in Switzerland.

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