Quilt Recipes - (PREORDER - SHIPS late NOV)

by Jen Kingwell
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a PREORDER title. This book will not ship until mid/late November 2021. If you include other products on your order, they will not ship until this title is also available.

Jen Kingwell's Quilt Recipes is a brilliant pairing of captivating pieced patchwork projects and delectable desserts. Food and quilts symbolize comfort to designer Jen Kingwell. Her decade-long vision in creating a collection of quilts, family recipes, and home interiors culminates in this one-of-a-kind, 192-page hardcover volume. Twelve quilt patterns are a brilliant mix of quirky fabrics paired with stripes, petite plaids, delicate lawns, and a sprinkling of brights. Savor each of eight dessert recipes, all timelessly tested, lovingly passed down, and fondly shared. Throughout, Jen connects with makers over a love of quilting, family, and indulging in the sweeter things in life.


by Jen Kingwell
8.189" x 10.63"
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Full color, hardcover, shrink-wrapped
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October 12th, 2021
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Jen Kingwell

Jen Kingwell, an accomplished author, pattern and fabric designer, and shop owner, started Amitie Textiles in 2005 to share her love for bright, contemporary, modern, and quirky fabrics. Through the years, the company has grown into one of Australia's leading fabric and quilting stores. Amitie Textiles shop is in Torquay, Victoria, Australia.

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