Quilt Fiesta! - Surprising Designs from Mexican Tiles

by Cheryl Lynch
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Reflecting the beauty of the Talavera ceramic tiles of Puebla, Mexico, these stunning quilts invite you to a celebration of color and design. Each eye-catching fusible-applique quilt includes a photo of the original tile that inspired it. You'll learn to translate a tile's solid colors into a vibrant quilt design.

  • Choose from 10 decorative projects, including quilts, place mats, a bed runner, and more
  • Mix and match blocks to expand the creative possibilities
  • Add unique touches such as prairie points, rickrack, and dimensional elements

by Cheryl Lynch
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January 11th, 2011

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From Midwest Book Review

Quilt Fiesta!: Surprising Designs from Mexican Tiles packs in a lovely collection of quilts inspired by Mexican folk art. Ten decorative projects for quilts, placemats, and more offer mix and match blocks and tips on creating a fusible applique quilt. A photo of the original tile that inspired each design is included. Quilting and needlework libraries will find this a fine, unique addition.

From Kim Jamieson-Hirst, chatterboxquilts.com

After our recent trip to Mexico (warm breezes, sandy beaches - NO SNOW!), it seems only appropriate that I should be reviewing Quilt Fiesta!: Surprising designs from Mexican Tiles by Cheryl Lynch. Inspired by a trip to Pueblo, Mexico, the city of tiles, Cheryl created 10 projects in a variety of sizes including placemats, wall hangings and throws to include in this 96-page book.

Cheryl includes a section explaining how to take your inspiration and transform it into a quilt design. I found this information to be very helpful since I often find inspiration in ordinary, everyday objects, and I believe do other quilters as well. Now I have information on how to turn these inspirations into my own personal quilts.

Cheryl includes the original tile inspiration for each project and then explains the design elements she used from that particular tile and the parts that she changed for the quilt design. I appreciated the design options shown for each project, including different colorways and borders. Center and corner design options are also included to help get you started with your own project. Instructions for fusible web appliqué and foundation piecing, as well as general quilt construction, are provided at the beginning of the book.

My favorite designs are both floral projects: Frida's Flowers, a bright throw with flowers, trailing vines and buds; and Floral Fiesta, place mats with flowers and a prairie-point edge. I think a set of these place mats along with the design option shown of a wall hanging would be perfect in a dining room.

I enjoyed reading about Cheryl's tile "inspiration to design" process and found the photos stunning. While this book has wonderful, vibrant patterns, which truly reminded me of Mexico, I also viewed it as a workbook showing you the process from design inspiration to project reality. Including the photos of the tiles which inspired the designs allowed me to further understand the transformation from hard tile to soft quilt.

From Karen Platt’s Book Reviews

What an inspiration—quilts based on Mexican tiles. This book is a celebration of color and design with the emphasis on the Talavera pottery design of Puebla, Mexico. There is enough know-how to get you started and 10 projects to use, or to get your own creativity and ideas going. I like “Hacienda” and “Salsa Verde” best. “Casa Talavera” is also beautiful, using different shades of blue. I like the fact that Cheryl gives us insight into the process of drawing to design, and that she provides alternative colorways to the quilts. This is a smart quilt book that works on many levels.

Review from Sewing/Needlework @ Suite 101

By Cheryl Lynch, this book features ten wonderful, inspiring, folk-art appliquéd quilts you can use throughout the house. The projects include quilts in eight or so sizes. These range from wall hangings and lap quilts or throws to bed quilts and floral place mats, along with a bed runner and a body-pillow sham.

For each project this book features a list of materials and a cutting chart. There are complete step-by-step, color-illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions and color layouts for each project. In most cases the instructions offer alternate color and design options. There are full-size templates for the appliqués.

This also gives in-depth directions for all of the techniques, including appliqué and foundation-paper piecing as well as quilting basics. At the end of the book the author offers ideas on designing your own tile-inspired quilt. She provides various design options for quilt blocks and corners of the quilts.

The author gives a complete history and background of the Talavera ceramic tiles of Puebla, Mexico and details on their creation. Color photos show how the tiles are used in Mexico. For each project, the author also provides background on the original Mexican tiles that inspired her designs.

Review from Amy Ellis, Amy’s Creative Side

Cheryl has taken the inspiration she found while on vacation in Mexico and made beautiful quilts! The results are appealing and fun. Cheryl shares photographs from her travels and a bit of history about Puebla, where the most desirable tiles are made. Cheryl then continues to share her tried and true methods for applique and paper piecing, and reminds us all that perfection is over-rated!

That sounds familiar. I’m so glad that we are of the same mindset, Cheryl!

There are 10 fabulous quilt projects based on the tiles shown on the cover.  My favorite part of the projects is that the appliqué is broken down into manageable pieces, often finished on the individual block before assembling the quilt top. And the secondary designs made with each block is really fun!

With each of the projects Cheryl also offers alternate color or layout options, inspiring you to be creative with the designs. Are you inspired yet?

Cheryl Lynch

Cheryl Lynch's quilts have been published in national magazines, won ribbons in quilt shows, and been displayed in quilt exhibitions and museums. A particular honor was the inclusion of one of her quilts, "Leaving Us," in the national traveling exhibit "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece." Cheryl enjoys teaching and sharing her unique approach to quilt design. She blogs at Cheryl Lynch Quilts.

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