Prairie Children and Their Quilts - 14 Little Projects That Honor the Pioneer Spirit

by Kathleen Tracy
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Inspired by actual children's diaries from the American frontier, this follow-up to the bestseller American Doll Quilts explores the origins of doll quilts made during the era. Quilters can stitch small, antique-style projects as they read about the lives of pioneer children and their families.

  • Fourteen patterns spotlight popular quilt designs from the nineteenth century
  • Projects include a game-board quilt, a schoolhouse quilt, a prairie-doll apron, and a schoolgirl sampler
  • See vintage photos of prairie children, and read actual diary entries from children who traveled with their parents to settle in the West


by Kathleen Tracy
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November 1st, 2006
Because I prefer a hard copy over an ebook, I bought this book from, but I am reviewing it here as well.

I love Kathleen Tracy's books. They have a fun combination of history and quilt patterns, most of which are small enough to let you try a technique or pattern without having to commit to a large project. This book contains excerpts from the diaries of children who were part of the westward movement during the 1800s; photos from that time period are also included. The little doll quilt patterns, while not patterned after actual doll quilts (since not many exist from that time period), contains designs and block patterns that were in use at the time and so give an authentic feel for what the pioneer children's doll quilts may have looked like.

Could you get more historical information from other books? Of course, and in fact there is an extensive bibliography in the back of this book that points you in the direction of more sources for what life was like for pioneer children. However, with this book, Ms. Tracy whets your appetite for learning about the lives of "prairie children", as she calls them, and presents "14 Little Projects That Honor the Pioneer Spirit". Like her other books, this is a fun read that also includes some cute little projects to try. I highly recommend it.
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Kathleen Tracy

Kathleen Tracy's love of quilting began in 2000, when she picked up a book on small quilts and made one for her daughter's dolls. Using traditional blocks and reproduction fabrics, she designs quilts that are inspired by quilts from the past. Kathleen enjoys hand quilting and using scraps to make her quilts look like they came from another time. She is the author of several popular quilting books published by Martingale.

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