Piece and Quilt with Precuts - 11 Quilts, 18 Machine-Quilting Designs, Start-to-Finish Success! - NO LONGER AVAILABLE / OUT OF PRINT

by Christa Watson

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Learn easy, efficient tricks for piecing irresistible quilt tops with precuts and leftover fabric scraps, and discover 18 machine-quilting motifs you can mix and match. Award-winning quilter and designer Christa Watson guides you through 11 skill-building projects with quilting designs in three categories: walking-foot, free-motion, and a combination of the two techniques. Christa is here to help you start and finish strong!

by Christa Watson
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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August 1st, 2017
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This title is out of print; Returns accepted in resale condition only until November 16th, 2020
Pre-cuts have become a huge part of the quilting world. With the busy life-style we have, we still want to create something with out own hands and pre-cuts helps us by reducing cutting time.

This book has 11 quilts and 18 machine quilt designs to give you the inspiration for your next masterpiece. There are eight pages of how-to with tips in colored boxes and graphics for us visual people.

The pattern starts with a grocery list of information such as size, what design was used to quilt it and other necessary things to get you started. The material and cutting lists are next and then the written instruction with graphics. This book contains lots and lots of tips so be sure to read them all. Even seasoned quilters might find a new tip or way of doing something.

Any templates needed are provided at full size and the end of the book has a blurb about the author. If you need a quilt for a gift, this book will help you get a head start by using pre-cuts.
Christa is well known in the quilting community as a prolific machine quilter and, naturally, Piece and Quilt with Precuts is divided into three sections with quilt patterns and instruction on how to machine quilt each project. Beginning with walking foot quilting, moving into free-motion quilting, and finally combining the two techniques you will feel totally at ease with precuts and machine quilting your own projects by the time you get to the last quilt.

She walks you through the different types of precuts, how to combine them for optimal composition, how to stitch them quickly, and how to press them.

Then Christa explains all you need to know about quilting thread selection, managing the quilt bulk as you quilt, the best machine features for quilting, and how to tie off threads for a perfect finish.

I love the tips Christa gives us throughout the book. I learned how to ensure scrappy binding seams don't end up in a corner of the quilt, how to successfully cut directional prints, and how to avoid chopping off triangle points.

I can't wait to make one of the quilts in her book!
This book is my kind of book. It's full of good advice and tips on quilting. It has instructions to make 11 beautiful easy to make modern quilts and it's made with pre-cuts. It can't get any easier than that!

If you don't have any pre-cuts that's ok too. Just follow the tips on choosing fabrics on her book.

There's no waste in this book. One of the patterns in the book uses the bits and pieces left over from the other quilts!

The book comes with very detailed instructions on how to quilt each quilt.
Today I had the chance to sit and read, cover, to cover, Christa Watson's new book, PIECE AND QUILT WITH PRECUTS. I found the writing to be clear and detailed, conversational even. The illustrations and photography are enlightening. The added tips throughout are stellar. I have been making quilts, designing quilts, and teaching quiltmaking for a long time, and I still learn something everyday. Christa's book is great! I haven't been inspired to jump into the precut craze, but some of the projects in the book are so innovative and clever, I find myself planning on shopping for precuts! And as Christa says, with the precuts, some of the preperation work is already done, leaving one to get to the quilting that much faster. And speaking of the quilting, it is great that Christa gives suggestions on various styles of quilting for the quilts she presents instead of leaving the quilt maker wondering what "quilt as desired" actually means. Whether one is a new quilter, a seasoned quilter, a modern quilter or a traditional quilter, this book will satisfy all.
I own all of Christa's books--and I especially love Piece and Quilt. It has simple instructions for beginners and allows you to incorporate new techniques to step up your quilting game. The fact that there are walking foot and free motion quilting designs to follow is exceptional. And once you've practiced those, you can try the techniques together for some masterful custom quilting! Love, love this book.
I love working with precut fabrics and was thrilled to see how Christa Watson’s new book, Piece and Quilt with Precuts, combines them with clear instruction on how to make her 11 marvelously modern quilt tops and helpful images of how to quilt them. In addition, there are tips throughout the book that are valuable with not only piecing, but quilting, as well. Bonus: If you’ve hesitated to quilt your own quilts, this is the book for you. Christa guides you to jump into machine quilting with both feet and it feels like she’s right there with you, guiding you to take the plunge while building your skills and confidence.
Christa has a easy writing style that really feels like a friend is sitting beside you teaching. The opening chapters of the book give thorough instructions as well as extra tips, ma king it a great resource for both beginning and advanced quilters. Each project is laid out very well, is easy to read, and has quilting suggestions included. I've already made one project out of this book, and definitely plan on doing more!
A delightful book with fresh, modern patterns. The instructions are easy to follow and the illustrations are wonderful. A unique feature is that Christa Watson includes both piecing instructions and machine quilting instructions. A great skill builder!
So many cute patterns and easy to follow instructions! I love using precut fabric because it saves me so much cutting time. I'm always on the lookout for new patterns using them and this book doesn't disappoint! One thing that sets this book apart from others is the quilting instructions for each pattern. The designs are inspiring and Christa makes it easy to try something new.
This is my third book of Christa's so I knew what to expect: great patterns, clear instructions, and wonderful quilting designs and this book did not disappoint. Christa uses precut fabrics in new and interesting ways to create so many different quilt designs quickly and easily. I love how Christa uses different quilting designs for each of the quilts and teaches how to quilt each one, it's like a pattern and quilting book in one!
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Christa Watson

Christa Watson is an award-winning quilter who loves teaching others to find joy in making complete quilts from start to finish. She performs all her own "stunts" on a home sewing machine--her beloved Bernina--and she embraces "perfectly imperfect" quilting techniques.

Christa enjoys designing colorful, modern quilt fabric for Benartex; creating original quilt patterns; and writing books about her favorite topic--machine quilting! Her roots are in traditional quiltmaking, yet she has a passion for the modern quilt aesthetic. You can find her online at ChristaQuilts.com and on Instagram @christaquilts.Visit Christa's website

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