Pick Your Stitch, Build a Blanket - 80 Knit Stitches, Endless Combinations - NO LONGER AVAILABLE / OUT OF PRINT

by Doreen L. Marquart

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Best-selling author Doreen L. Marquart shows how to feature your favorite stitches in eye-catching afghans. Gain an understanding of gauge, stitch counts, and repeats, and work confidently with any stitch from any source. You'll refer to this resource again and again.

  • Library of 80 stitches, plus 11 appealing projects
  • Turn designs with different stitch counts into blocks of the same size to mix and match
  • Afghans include samplers as well as repeat-block and single-stitch designs

by Doreen L. Marquart
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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Publication Date:
January 6th, 2015
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This title is out of print; Returns accepted in resale condition only until November 16th, 2020
Pick Your Stitch, Build a Blanket is a wonderfully written book. You can make unique blankets using the endless amount of stitch combinations found in the book. There are different patterns for creating blocks, vertically patterned afghans, and horizontally patterned afghans. You can even find instructions for sampler-type afghans. There is a great section on gauge to help you determine the size of your afghan and a section that helps you determine how much yarn you will need for each yarn weight so that you can create an afghan in any size yarn! It even gives you measurements for different sized afghans! I love the stitch patterns in this book and would definitely recommend it.
This book is a fantastic resource – filled with stitches you can knit to make Single Pattern Afghans with any yarn/needle combination and instructions to make Sampler Afghans, Horizontally Patterned Afghans and Vertically Patterned Afghans.

You will also find the Yardage required by Yarn Weight and Project Size – so yes – you can choose whichever yarn you want for your blanket and the instructions will still apply!

There really are endless combinations included in Pick Your Stitch, Build an Afghan.

Doreen was inspired by the 365 Knitting Stitches
A Year Perpetual Calender.
She often recommended it to people
but some people struggled to convert the stitches
into blanket.
Hence Doreen's book.

She has calculated 80 of the stitch patterns
into blankets and given you the skills
so you can carry on creating more.
She gives you everything you need to know
from choosing the yarn to how to calculate the amount
of yarn you'll need.
She takes you through creating blocks
of each of the stitches.
She then takes you through making sampler afghans.
From there she takes you through using different
stitches to create beautiful afghans.
Each one uses the stitches to give you an amazing look.

Using the stitches in different formats;
blocks, complete, vertical etc.

At the back of the book you also get a complete guide
into how to knit, how to assemble the blankets
and a guide to the abbreviations used.

This is an amazing book packed full
of beautiful designs and useful information.
It's one of those books you'll use
time and again.

I was supplied with a copy of the ebook to review. However all opinions expressed are my own and I didn't receive any monies.
This is such a great book to have for years to come...

Loads of valueable information.
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Review from Paula Moliver, Hartford Knitting Examiner, June 2015

Pick your stitch and knit an afghan that will be a showstopper. Doreen L. Marquart (master knitter in the USA and Canada) has a new book out from Martingale, Pick Your Stitch, Build a Blanket. It is comprised of 80 knit stitches in endless combinations of blocks and single stitches. A baby blanket, lap robe or full size afghan make a fun, creative knit that also results in a great gift. If you have a stash, whether large or small, you already have yarn to start a block afghan. Throws are a nice way to make a decorative statement in a room that can use a pick-me-up. And, always adds a bit of warmth, when you need it. There are many reasons to get started... One more, have you seen the red afghan on the cover? Think summer project for someone you know to put in their college dorm this fall. You can choose from other single patterns, sampler, vertically patterned and horizontally patterned afghans. Doreen has information on how many blocks you need for a specific size based on gauge as well as the number yards of yarn required. The stitch patterns include, lace, garter, cable and always a number of surprise patterns that you haven't come across in your knitting. Knitting and assembly basics are printed in words with line drawings to help you. So many possibilities. Which one will you start with? If you would like a full size afghan, but it seems overwhelming... make a block afghan. The small blocks have 30 CO st and worked for 40 rows. The large blocks have 46 CO st and 80 rows. Each block is that quick and easy.

Doreen L. Marquart

Doreen L. Marquart taught herself to knit at the age of nine and has been knitting ever since. In 1993, she opened Needles 'n Pins Yarn Shoppe, devoted exclusively to the needs of knitters and crocheters. With well over 40,000 skeins of yarn in stock, fiberaholics drive from hours away to have her "feed their addiction" and to receive help with their knitting/crocheting projects. Doreen earned the title of Master Knitter through the Knitting Guild of America in 1998, Canadian Master Knitter in 2001, and Master Canadian Designer in 2002. She is also a Certified knitting and crocheting instructor through the Yarn Council of America.

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