Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Sew Triangles - 13 Easy Techniques Plus 12 Fun Quilts

by Pat Sloan
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Pat Sloan--popular teacher, designer, and online radio-show host--teaches all you need to know to create triangles with ease. Take your skills to the next level with this second book in her beginner-friendly "Teach Me" series. You'll discover 13 different ways to sew triangles--at least one method will be just right for you!

  • Learn to successfully sew half-square and quarter-square triangles, 60-degree triangles, flying geese, and more
  • Gain confidence and get all your questions answered--Pat shares tons of tips throughout
  • Spotlight triangles in 12 exciting patterns, ranging from small wall hangings to lap quilts to a bed-sized design

by Pat Sloan
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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November 3rd, 2015
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Pat Sloan has written a wonderful book that is great for both beginners and seasoned quilters. She goes into detail on 13 different ways to make triangle blocks and also includes 12 quilt patterns. The color-photos make it easy to see each step. This would be a great addition to anyone's quilt book collection!
Cuando leí la contratapa de este libro me dije: lo necesitas... es esencial para tu biblioteca de quilting. Instantes después volví a leer el nombre de la autora y ya no había vuelta hacia atrás. ¡El libro sería mío! Pat Sloan cuenta con una larga trayectoria en el mundo del arte textil pero lo más importante es que su forma de impartir el conocimiento y su experiencia de años hace que los conceptos y las técnicas se nos faciliten y las comencemos a poner en práctica a partir de ese momento. Frecuentemente me he percatado que cuando mis alumnas se inician en el arte y oficio del patchwork y el acolchado, se sienten intimidadas cuando un proyecto requiere de triángulos anto por la forma de cortarlos como al momento de trabajarlos en la máquina de coser. Las esquinas de los triángulos las asustan y peor es el momento en que se pasan dos piezas por debajo del pie de la máquina y con las primeras puntadas la máquina decide "comerse" la punta de ese par de triángulos. En este libro, Pat Sloan demuestra 13 técnicas diferentes para cortar y trabajar con triángulos, que ella misma confiesa fue aprendiendo al paso del tiempo. En este oficio una nunca termina de aprender y siempre aparece una nueva forma de hacer algo que facilita la forma con que acostumbramos hacerlo. Es por lo mismo que acudimos a clases, que nos reunimos con amigas para compartir técnicas y secretos de costura, que tenemos el internet a la mano y buenos libros para apoyo y referencia. Cada técnica está claramente explicada con fotografías y diagramas y dos páginas donde sumariza cada técnica y sugiere fotocopiar para tener siempre a la mano, idea que me parece fabulosa. La publicación incluye también instrucciones para elaborar 12 hermosas quilts de distintas medidas y tamaños para decorar un muro, una mesa o colocar sobre una cama y está salpicado de tips y brotes de creatividad estupendos. En resúmen este es un libro de referencia esencial que les aseguro jamás se empolvará en el librero pues estará en uso constantemente.

[translation] When I read the back cover of this book I said to myself: this is what you need ... it is essential to your library of quilting. Moments later I read the name of the author and there was no turning back. The book would be mine! Pat Sloan has a long history in the world of textile art but more importantly is that her way of imparting knowledge and experience of years the concepts and techniques she provides us. I have often noticed that when my students are new to the art and craft of patchwork and quilting, they are intimidated when a project requires triangles, how to cut and then work them into the sewing machine. Sometimes the corners of the triangle pieces are passed under the foot of the machine and the machine decides to "eat" the tip of the pair of triangles. In this book, Pat Sloan shows 13 different cutting techniques that work with triangles, which she confesses she learned over time. This promotes a never stop learning attitude and always be looking for a new way of doing something that facilitates the way we are used to doing. It is therefore that we go to classes and meet with friends to share techniques and secrets of sewing, and we have the internet at hand and good books to support us. Each technique is clearly explained with pictures and diagrams and two pages summarize each technique and Pat suggests making a photocopy to have on hand, an idea that seems fabulous. The publication also includes instructions to make 12 beautiful quilts of different sizes and lengths to decorate a wall, table or bed and is dotted with great tips and outbreaks of creativity. In short this is an essential reference book I assure you will never touch the bookshelf because it will be in constant use.
I know Pat Sloan for quite a while (through her very interactive website and facebook) and she is a very talented and inspiring lady. Always busy to spread the love for quilting and helping people to enjoy quilting! This book is 100% Pat... It helps you to feel assured to start a new quilt with triangles with perfect corners.. what worries the most of us... With the clear instructions and the lovely patterns you'll want to give it a try! Pat does have more of these books, so check them out if you like!
Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Sew Triangles book is perfect for any skill level. It is filled with detailed pictures and diagrams to ensure your work is accurate. Pat teaches 13 techniques to sew triangles, gives us lots of tips, then we get a chance to use them as we make her beautiful designs. I am loving the Triangle Tricks Cheat Sheet as it takes the guesswork out of cutting triangles for any project.
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Review from American Quilt Retailer, February 2016

If you love triangles, it can't get any better than this -- 11 ways to make them and 12 projects that feature them. Whether you're making half-square or quarter-square triangles in multiples, Flying Geese in droves, or simple setting triangles, the techniques in this book are invaluable. High school geometry is finally put to good use. Cheat sheets and inspirational quotes throughout add to the fun.

Pat Sloan

Pat Sloan is a quilt designer, author, teacher, podcast show producer and host, and fabric designer. Her passion for making quilts, sharing quilts, and talking with quilters about quilts is limitless. Pat hosts several Internet groups where quilters share on a daily basis, sew together, and have fun. She also writes about quilting on her blog.

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