Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Appliqué - Fusible Appliqué That's Soft and Simple

by Pat Sloan
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Is it possible? Fusible appliqué that's soft and drapey--and easy? Yes it is, and Pat Sloan shows you how. An extremely popular teacher and designer with a huge online radio show following, Pat shares her fusible techniques for machine-stitched quilts that are as delightful to touch as they are pleasing to the eye. You'll love what you're about to create!

  • Projects range from wall hangings to banners to bed quilts, all with Pat's fresh and cheery style
  • Gain confidence and get all your questions answered--Pat shares loads of tips throughout
  • Own the first in a series of "Teach Me" books from one of the world's best quilting coaches

by Pat Sloan
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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March 11th, 2015
Is fusible applique something you do but don’t like the stiffness afterwards? Then let Pat teach you how to prevent that.

Every project, of which there are eight, are appliques by machine. The first step is to PRACTISE. We all hate that word but it is the only way we learn to master anything. Two shapes are provided for your practice pieces. There are 19 pages of instruction from how to create the shapes, to cutting the fusible to stitching. The secret to soft applique is windows. You cut out the shape from fusible webbing and then cut out the center so you only have a framework.

The projects all have the material and cutting lists but these also have paragraphs about the project and any templates needed. Of course, there is a colored photo of the project as well. To me, the best part of the project instructions is when the author tells you how she quilted the project. You don’t have to do what she did but I always like to know what was used as a guideline for adding my own creativity to the quilting process.

There is one very short paragraph about the author at the end of the book but you certainly get to know about her as you read the how-to section. Armed with this book, grab your supplies and start to create soft applique.

"I received a free or discounted product in exchange for providing an unbiased review."
Pat does it again! A great machine appliqué book using fusibles. Detailed instructions on the different techniques used from applying and using fusibles to appliqué and thread selections. The projects include "cool" floral and vegetables appliqués on wallhangings, cushions, and bed quilts This is a good reference book for all quilt levels on machine appliqué with fusibles.
When I started reading this book I was impressed. Pat Sloan has done an incredible job explaining appliqué, beginners and experienced quilters will get lots of information from her book. I love that she covers not only appliqué, but threads, tools, etc. There's a lot of tips inhere that are super helpful. This is mostly a technique book, there are a few projects to make here, and they are all very cute.
This is the first book of her "Teach Me" series, and if the next books are anything like this one, I am hooked.

At the very beginning of the book in the section Fusible Applique by Machine, Pat describes the entire process from tracing patterns onto the fusible web to the types of blanket stitch you might choose. Even as a veteran at this technique, it was worth reading this [20-page!] section because of all the tips Pat gives us.

The instructions for each of the 8 patterns are very easy to understand, and the templates have already been reversed where needed (awesome). Her Farmer's Market wall hanging is the reason why my 'Quilts to Make' list has become longer!

Machine applique is simply one of my favorite things to do, and "Teach me to Applique" illustrates step-by-step why it can be so fun and addictive.
Tener en la mano un libro de Pat Sloan ya de entrada es garantía. "Teach Me to Appliqué"
("Enséñame a hacer Appliqué") es su libro número 31 y después de verlo, disfrutarlo y leerlo a detalle puedo confirmarles que este libro es esencial en la biblioteca personal de quilting y arte textil de cada una de nosotras.
La técnica que Pat Sloan desarrolla y nos ofrece en su libro hace que no veamos el Appliqué como una técnica difícil o que requiere de muchas horas para lograr esas perfectas curvas, puntas o que descartemos un proyecto por pensar que contiene motivos en appliqué muy pequeños o bien muy elaborados.
Todas sabemos que para facilitar el appliqué lejos de trabajarlo de manera tradicional existe la opción de utilizar los materiales termofusibles que se pueden adquirir en distintos grosores y densidades.
Es un hecho que facilitan la hechura de una pieza como un Wall Hanging por ejemplo, pero utilizar el termofusible durante la confección de una quilt nos va a dar como resultado una pieza rígida, lejos de tener la textura envolvente que buscamos en una colcha o la textura, el sombreado y la profundidad que resultan fascinantes en un wall hanging una vez que lo hemos acolchado.
Es aquí donde el libro de Pat Sloan encuentra el preciso equilibrio para trabajar con termofusible y lograr esa textura y ese acabado tan deseado por quien lo confecciona y tan grato para quien lo recibe y se cubre con ella.
La primera sección de la publicación nos lleva de la mano en la técnica desarrollada por ella. Con absoluto detalle, instrucciones claras y concisas y consejos muy valiosos. El libro está salpicado de recuadros con sugerencias que lo complementan.
La segunda parte del libro consiste en un desfile de proyectos e instrucciones que van desde cojines, wall hangings y quilts para camas, con el estilo fresco, divertido y contemporáneo que caracteriza a Pat Sloan además de que en cada proyecto ofrece varias ideas para desarrollarlo y adaptarlo ya sea para disfrutarlo nosotras o bien para obsequiarlo.
Pat Sloan hizo su primera quilt en 1979 y ha creado más de 600 proyectos. ¿Experiencia en cuanto a técnicas, materiales y herramientas? Aquí está la respuesta.


Have on hand a book by Pat Sloan "Teach Me to Appliqué." This is her book number 31 and after seeing it, enjoy it and read it in detail can confirm that this book is essential in the personal library of quilting and textile art for each of us.

The technique Pat Sloan develops and offers us in her book does not see the Appliqué as a difficult art or which requires many hours to achieve those perfect curves, tips or discard a project containing reasons for thinking in very small appliqué or while elaborate.

We all know that to facilitate appliqué work it away from traditionally the option of using fusible materials that are available in different thicknesses and densities.

It is a fact that facilitate the making of a piece as a Wall Hanging for example, but using the fusible for making a quilt is going to result in a rigid piece, far from the soft texture we look for in a quilt or texture, shading and depth that are fascinating on a wall hanging once you have padding.

This is where the book by Pat Sloan finds the right balance for working with fusible and achieve that texture and the much desired by the person who makes and so pleasing to the recipient and cover with her finish.

The first section of the publication takes us by the hand on the technique developed by it. In detail, clear and concise instructions and valuable advice. The book is peppered with boxes with suggestions to complement it.

The second part of the book consists of a parade of projects and instructions ranging from cushions, wall hangings and quilts for beds, with fresh, fun and contemporary style that characterizes Pat Sloan further that each project offers several ideas to develop and adapt either to enjoy ourselves or for gifting.

Pat Sloan made her first quilt in 1979 and created more than 600 projects. Does life experience help in techniques, materials and tools? Here is the answer.
Often people ask me about fusible appliqué, because they know I love the blanket stitch and would happily sit for hours with tv and my sewing machine. Finally I have a reference to suggest to them. Of course machine applique starts with the application of fusible web and Pat shows how to create beautiful soft applique with her method. There's also in-depth instruction about stitching, including inside and outside corners, alternatives to the blanket stitch and ohmygosh a huge section about threads! I tend to go with matching thread these days, back when I got started I used black like so many people did. I love all the looks and Pat shows you a lot of options. As any great instructor would do, Pat breaks it all down for us, including a section on stitching sequence. So many things that I picked up over years of machine applique are all written down here in this book. Plus a ton and a half things that I didn't think about!
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