Oh, Scrap! - Fabulous Quilts That Make the Most of Your Stash

by Lissa Alexander
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Want to be a scrap quilter? Great! Want to think like a scrap quilter? Learn from a master! Lissa Alexander has spent three decades honing her scrap-quilting talents, and in her first solo book, she offers page after page of tips for making dazzling scrap quilts bursting with colors, prints, and textures. Learn Lissa's secrets for deciding which fabric combinations work (and understanding why others don't). Best of all, with a dozen patterns to choose from you'll discover how to (finally!) use your unique stash to make scrap quilts that sing. Includes a preface by renowned quilt historian Barbara Brackman.

by Lissa Alexander
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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March 1st, 2018
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Beware of the pressing direction indicators in the directions. There is no allowance for reducing bulk where star points come together. I had to go back through and fan the seam junctions and re-press. Now during the final step of assembling the blocks I can see that I need to fan the seams and press alternating so the seam lays flat. I am quilting “Old Meets New”.
The moment I saw this book, I fell in love with each pattern and knew I wanted to make them all! This quilt book is filled with beautiful photos of finished quilts and easy-to-follow illustrations on how to make each block. Scrap quilts are "an American tradition" as stated by Barbara Brackman in the preface. Lissa Alexander, the author, offers such great content including a glossary of color terms; ideas for collecting scraps; alternate sizes and colorways for the quilt patterns; and tips are given throughout the book on how to utilize and perfect techniques like mitered corners, mixing fabric prints/colors, chain-pressing, and squaring up fabric for cutting. My favorite pattern is Sherbet Stars--consisting of 9 blocks. Each block contains an 8-pointed star and each takes on a completely different look depending on the fabric and color value used. This book has me excited to coordinate my scraps to create some gorgeous quilts!
I try to keep my scraps same Color in separate containers, cut mostly 2 1/2 “ squares or 5 “. Strips in 2 1/2”, 3 and 5”. Some smaller scraps mixed colours in different container for Applique. Have made a couple of scrappy quilts all colours but would love the Oh Scrap for controlled Color for scrappy quilts. Hopefully I am lucky. Love the pictures, oh scrap quilts. Thanks, Lucy

Lissa has condensed her approach to scrap quilts and fabric selection into a handful of easily-readable and accessible pages. My scrap style tends to be more… “controlled” than Lissa’s bright and colourful style, so I did wonder how much I would get out of the book. How would her quilts translate to my “mix all the things in a controlled palette” kind of way? Would her quilts suit my penchant for a challenging project? Well, never fear, because there really is something for everyone. No matter whether you’re into strips, triangles, bright, sedate, big blocks, or a bazillion HSTs, I think you’ll find at least a few quilts to suit your tastes, if not more.
Say "Good Bye" to your stash of scrappy pieces of fabrics and "Hello, Gorgeous" to the masterpieces you will be making with Lissa's designs!

Lissa's quilts don't just have scraps sewn together - she arranges them in innovative patterns as if each piece had been carefully curated for placement in a particular spot in the quilt.

Oh, Scrap! illustrates the importance of minding value, texture, and placement of fabrics to turn a quilt from beautiful to fantastic. The expertly written instructions ensure we can reproduce these projects and move our scraps from the darkest corners of our fabric 'collections' into the daylight, adorning our homes or making other's homes brighter.

A must-have!

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Review from Make Modern Magazine, Issue 21

Scrap quilts have been around since the dawn of quiltmaking and they're still a very valid form of quilting today. However, these days scrap quilting usually refers to mixing a great range of fabrics from your scrap bins, stash and precuts; not using old dresses or feedsacks as fabric sources--so Lissa's book works from this angle. There is the assumption that scrap quilters are likely to be intermediate or beyond in their quilting skills to have amassed a stash, so the book isn't bogged down with quilting basics. Instead, Lissa begins her book with a comprehensive look at colour, scale and value to help you pick the right fabrics for your projects (no 'everything but the kitchen sink' mentality here!).

With 14 gorgeous quilts, in various sizes and styles featured; there's something for every taste and occasion included. Most of the projects are a nod to traditional blocks in fresh settings, often with clever secondary patterns from pairing multiple blocks. Lissa recommends starting with a two-colour scheme for many of the quilts, and the book includes illustrations of alternate colourways as well as the featured quilt, and she includes swatch cards and fabric choice notes for all the projects. For fans of scrap quilting who've been daunted by the fabric selection process, this book is a valuable resource.

Lissa Alexander

Online she's ModaLissa, but by day, Lissa Alexander heads up the Moda marketing team. By night, she's quilting, blogging, designing, and more at ModaLissa.com. Her wish? "I hope you get time to sit and sew. It's good for the soul."

Lissa's quilting story is a simple one. It started with a wedding quilt, which led to working in a quilt shop. She has had an amazing journey that she never could have imagined. Through it all, she has learned to take the pieces and stitch them together to make something new. Her life is a patchwork of family, friends, and people who have made an impact.

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