Novella Composition-Book Cover ePattern

by Cassie Barden

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This fabric cover will help you organize not just your thoughts but also your pens, pencils, receipts, fabric swatches, and more. Whether you're penning the first draft of a groundbreaking novel or planning world domination, everything you need will be kept together in style, cleverly disguised and organized.

Finished size: 10¼" x 8" or 9¾" x 7½"

by Cassie Barden
8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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full color, PDF download
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This project worked up very well. A graph-paper compositon book from Staples, nicely covered with this pattern, is a handy gift for all sorts of crafters.

I started out using HeatnBond Lite as the interfacing for the lining piece, which was a really dumb idea because it's doublesided. I used Pellon Fusible Featherweight for the inside pocket pieces, and it worked very well. One small change to the directions would be to increase the gap for turning the pocket unit to 3 or 4 inches. Otherwise, turning the entire unit is challenging. It can be done but takes perseverance and strong fingers!

Although the pattern calls for topstitching the cover and lining pieces at the very beginning, I waited till the very end to topstich the entire perimeter of the cover. And it's very important to stick to the scant 1/8" topstitch noted in the directions. Doing so insures a good fit. The fit will be snug but it *does* work.
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Cassie Barden

Cassie Barden has been involved in making art her whole life, from cartooning, filmmaking, and painting to making odd stuffed animals and creating costumes for Burning Man and Halloween. An interest in both sewing and fashion inspired her to start creating her own one-of-a-kind bags and accessories that appeal to both her utilitarian and style-conscious natures. When she's not sewing, Cassie enjoys two Seattle institutions: live music and drinking coffee. Cassie is inspired by contemporary art and design, anything retro or old-fashioned, and Seattle's urban culture.

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