New Twists on Twined Knitting - A Fresh Look at a Traditional Technique

by Laura Farson
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Rediscover a unique Swedish technique! The projects in these stunning photos show why twined knitting has stood the test of time. With Laura Farson's impeccable design sense and striking color combinations, this collection is truly in a class by itself.

  • Learn a wonderfully versatile technique that can be mastered by confident beginners
  • Produce a richly textured fabric with double strands of yarn--perfect for winter wear
  • Choose from a gorgeous selection of over 20 projects, including hats, mittens, socks, purses, and a scarf

by Laura Farson
8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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July 21st, 2009

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From Knitting Book Roundup by Alyse Wax

New Twists on Twined Knitting by Laura Farson includes over 20 patterns for accessories, using the Swedish technique of twined knitting. “Twined knitting” utilizes two strands of yarn (can be of varying color and weight). Stitches are made by alternating the strands, causing a “twisted” look to the yarn. The projects are small, simple, and easy, making it perfect for beginners. “Traditional Swedish Sail Hat” ... really shows how beautiful this technique can be, by twisting a strand of black and a strand of white to create a twisty pattern.

Laura Farson

Laura Farson is the author of several books and numerous articles on quilting, knitting, and weaving. She has taught extensively at shops and conventions. She makes checked bags, which are handcrafted purses and totes made from recycled seat belts. Under the name "One Quirky Quilter," Laura has authored three folded-flower quilt books. Now she is "The Entwined Knitter(TM)"! In her spare time, Laura bikes, hikes, skis, and sews. She lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, Russ, with whom she loves to travel.

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