Modern Heritage Quilts - New Classics for Every Generation

by Amy Ellis
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Use traditional piecing skills to create tomorrow's heirloom quilts. You'll discover how to give your favorite blocks a scrappy, modern look with elegant and up-to-date versions of time-tested quilt designs from popular designer Amy Ellis. Learn a bit about the history behind each block as Amy reimagines them as new classics.

  • Build your confidence to "go modern" with Amy's bright and appealing designs that begin with traditional blocks
  • Tips for using color and negative space ensure a modern look with the fabric from your stash
  • Get handy hints, from Amy and other top designers, that will help you better understand what makes a scrap quilt successful

by Amy Ellis
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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June 7th, 2016
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This book begins with an introduction from the author, followed by two pages on collecting scraps and color consideration.

With a dozen projects in the book, you can keep busy for a full year if you manage to create one project per month. Throughout the book, you can find tips and suggestions set off in boxes with a grey background. Any templates needed are included at full size.

The written instructions are easy to follow and there are enough graphics just in case you need a more visual perspective. The projects are all quilts and some have a lot of background space that is just a large piece of fabric. In other words, you make several blocks and then when they are sewed into rows, you just add a large piece of the background fabric to create the quilt top. There are others that are wholly made of blocks like normal pieced quilting.

Finally, there is a short bio of the author at the back of the book. Whichever you choose to do, you will have a great quilt when you are done.
Amy's book addresses the modern quilt enthusiast as well as the traditional quilter. Great ideas for scraps and who doesn't have scraps. The patterns are fabulous and at the end of the book some famous quilters have put in their two cents of what makes a beautiful scrap quilt. For anyone that loves scrap quilts or is looking for a good book for using scrap fabric this book is for you. I love the book and will be making a few of the quilts with my leftover scraps1
Una gran cantidad de mujeres jóvenes se han incorporado al maravilloso oficio del Quilt. El engranaje de la rueda de la historia avanza con el siglo y por lo mismo el trabajo manual cobra tintes modernos para adaptarse a las nuevas generaciones, los Millennials, y la decoración contemporánea. Es por eso que este libro me ha llamado muchísimo la atención pues Amy Ellis toma diseños de blocks que han perdurado por generaciones y les da un toque tan actual y renovado que cada quilt es un deleite.Me gusta que nos brinda las instrucciones para elaborar la quilt y que además hace un paréntesis para indicarnos el corte y la manera de elaborar un solo block. Cuántas veces deseamos ocupar unos cuantos retazos favoritos que consideramos los consentidos? Esta es la oportunidad. En la introducción de cada proyecto, Amy nos brinda un pequeño anécdota ya sea de los orígenes del block en turno o bien porqué decidió hacer ese diseño, a quien se lo regalaría, cual sería el motivo o la celebración para obsequiar esa hermosa quilt.

Translation: A lot of young women have joined the ranks of Quilter. The wheel of history moves forward with the century and therefore the manual work takes a modern approach to adapt to the new generations, Millennials, and contemporary decor. That's why this book has struck me, as Amy Ellis' designs take blocks that have endured for generations and gives them a modern touch. The quilts are renewed and each quilt is a delight. I like that the book gives us the instructions to make the quilt and also makes tells readers how to make a single block. How many times do we want to take a few favorite bits we consider the darlings? This is the opportunity. In the introduction to each project, Amy gives us a small anecdote either of the origins of the block or why she decided to make that design. To whom anyone gives a quilt to, what would be the motive or the celebration to give away that beautiful quilt.

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American Patchwork & Quilting, October 2016

Get a scrappy yet modern look when you use traditional piecing methods in time-tested quilt designs. In Modern Heritage Quilts, author Amy Ellis encourages quilters to use color, scraps, and negative space to create 12 new classic quilts.
Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch, September 2016

Amy Ellis' Modern Heritage Quilts: New Classics for Every Generation teaches quilters how to pair traditional piecing skills with heirloom quilt designs for an updated blend of modern and traditional appearance, and offers a close view of the author's customization process. Tips for working with and juxtaposing color and negative space in a quilt blend with ideas from top designers that supplement Amy Ellis' approach, while materials, cutting, and assembly instructions are specific and are supplemented by small color quilt block examples throughout. Quilters will find this a fine survey to creating new quilts from a blend of old and new ideas.

Amy Ellis

Amy is a best-selling author, spokesperson for Baby Lock, and fabric designer. Quilting is her creative therapy in the midst of a busy household, and she loves to inspire new quilters to find their own way into the quilting hobby. Since diving into the online community in 2008, Amy has authored five books and her quilts have been included in many collaborative book projects. Her patterns and articles have also been published in several prominent magazines.

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