Moda All-Stars - Mix It Up! - 16 Quilts from Cake Mix and Cupcake Mix Papers

by Lissa Alexander
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If you can sew a straight line, you can make every gorgeous quilt in this book--no kidding! All you need is a pack of Cake Mix Papers (for 10" squares) or Cupcake Mix Papers (for 5" squares), a stack of fabrics, and Moda All-Stars: Mix It Up!, and you're set to sew. Simply choose a pattern, grab your papers, and then:

1. Sew on the dotted lines
2. Cut on the solid lines
3. Remove the easy-tear paper

And voila, you're on your way to beautiful quilt blocks!

If you've always wanted to try Cake Mix or Cupcake Mix Papers but didn't know how to start OR if you love the look of triangles but not the fussy sewing, try mixing it up. It's a recipe for success! Includes step-by-step photos and tons of All-Star tips--perfect for beginners and pure joy for seasoned quilters.

by Lissa Alexander
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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October 1st, 2019
Lissa gathered for this book projects designed by the Moda All-Stars team that use the Cake Mix Papers (for 10″ squares) and Cupcake Mix Papers (for 5″ squares). The result is a collection of fun 16 quilts that can be whipped up very quickly because the Mix Papers streamline the sewing process.

I love the handy table at the end of the book that shows you how many patchwork units you can get from each Mix paper and, from there, you will know what you need if you want to make the quilts bigger, or if you want to design your own.

Reading the tips and the answers each designer gives to the questions Lissa asks allows me another way to connect with the creators besides just working with their pattern.

The projects in this book are fun and easy to make, even if it is your first time working with the Cake Mix Recipes.
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Lissa Alexander

Online she's ModaLissa, but by day, Lissa Alexander heads up the Moda marketing team. By night, she's quilting, blogging, designing, and more at Her wish? "I hope you get time to sit and sew. It's good for the soul."

Lissa's quilting story is a simple one. It started with a wedding quilt, which led to working in a quilt shop. She has had an amazing journey that she could never have imagined. Through it all, she has learned to take the pieces and stitch them together to make something new. Her life is a patchwork of family, friends, and people who have made an impact.

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