Machine Quilting with Style - From Walking-Foot Wonders to Free-Motion Favorites - NO LONGER AVAILABLE / OUT OF PRINT

by Christa Watson

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Quilt along with Christa using walking-foot or free-motion techniques to create fabulous quilts--from start to finish--on your home sewing machine. Award-winning quilter Christa Watson shows you how with 8 different walking-foot designs and 10 free-motion quilting motifs, plus 12 inventive patterns to put all the quilting techniques to use!

  • Go beyond quilting in the ditch--quilt parallel lines, radiating lines, and shattered lines as you turn straight stitches into walking-foot wonders that wow!
  • Love the look of free-motion quilting but not sure where to begin? Start with simple stipples and expand your repertoire to include wandering waves, boxes, pebbles, loops, and many more.
  • Discover Christa's top tips for machine-quilting success and learn to use quilting designs to enhance each part of the quilt, whether you're making a baby quilt, wall quilt, or throw.


by Christa Watson
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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September 8th, 2015
Christa Watson, is a celebrated, award-winning quilter, designer, instructor, blogger and online pre-cut store owner, who has written a new book; Machine Quilting; From Walking-Foot Wonders to Free-Motion Favorites; 12 Projects, Start to Finish.

I know many quilters who feel that machine quilting is their weakest suit, including me. Others, not so much.

However, I am excited to write such a positive review about Christa's new book.I love the way the book is organized. And the text is written in such a user-friendly way. What makes this book different than others, is that Christa takes the quilter, step-by-step, from yardage calculations, and fabric cutting through the piecing process. She continues into the basting process, then to the quilting, ending with binding techniques and other finishing touches.

After a very encouraging and upbeat introduction from the author, she writes about batting choices, thread options, pressing, work surfaces, ergonomics, hand positioning, the three machine quilting feet used most often, various types of stitches, their configuration possibilities, such as lines, ripples and swirls, in common sense, easy language. Readers of all levels will benefit from this section, and no doubt will pick up some new tips and tricks. These were a few of my favorites; 1. Choose a focal point in the block, and quilt around it. 2. Practice doodling quilting designs, which helps with muscle memory, for when you are actually quilting the quilt.

There are additional tips strategically placed throughout this book to support and extend the lessons. For example, in one tip box about thread, on pp.16, it says; "Close Matters - The more closely the thread matches the fabric, the less any wobbles or imperfections will show. Use highly contrasting threads sparingly. In 'Rain' (page 28), I used contrasting threads as an added design element."

This speaks to beginning quilters, as well as more experienced quilters in a clean, precise way. It was daunting for me as a beginner to make quilting thread choices. This tip was not offered to me many years ago, because my very first teachers,liked the contrast of using a different colored quilt thread. They were very experienced quilters and could sew a straight line during an earthquake.

Another example of a helpful tip box on pp. 21, is about quilting better spirals. "Use a coin to change the diameter of the center circle." And there is a good illustration of that accompanying the text.

What comprises the majority of the book are 12 patterns, with instructions, illustrations and photos. The first seven patterns, Ripples, Rain, Color Crystals, Little Man's Fancy, Static, Square in a Square and Focal Point, were quilted with a walking foot.

The last five quilts; Lightning, Candy Pop, Broken V, Facets and Pearl Gray, are machine quilted using a free-motion foot. Some are pictured below. This book is a skill building book. The emphasis is on taking it slow and enjoying the process. As Christa points out, practicing on quilt sandwiches is critical, and not treating the quilting as, a fast food quilting process.

I asked Christa what makes this book different from other machine quilting books out there? "I really wanted this book to be a complete book about quilting. Most quilting books just offer piecing patterns, while others are just a book of quilting designs. I wanted my readers to be able to successfully complete their quilts from start to finish. By including both walking foot-wonders and free-motion favorites, I wanted to let people know they can quilt on any type of machine they prefer!"

Another great inclusion in this book, shows how to piece the backing using leftover fabric from the front. And of course basting is covered, showing two different ways to accomplish this process. Decorative quilting stitches are explored too, which is really a wonderful bonus the book offers.
Christa provides some other lessons which are so helpful, and those of us who like a quick finish, may appreciate the process more, and now slow down a bit, and have better results.

For example, on pp. 90 there is a wonderful lesson on how to use rulers. On pp. 43 a fabulous tip on sewing half square triangles, in a way where the point won't be pushed into the hole of the plate.

I highly recommend this book. The stitches in the photos are clear, and impressive. This book successfully fills a void that other quilting books miss. The reader can really accomplish a project from start to finish and gain confidence with each project.
This book is great for the quilter who wants to quilt on her home machine. Lots of do-able designs that range from easy to more complex. And the book contains instructions for 12 fun modern quilts. Lots of great info in this book!
Christa's book is a great all round resource for quilting, containing not just patterns but also advice on batting, thread and even workstation setup! One of the best things about the book is that it is divided into two sections, one for quilting with a walking foot, and the other for quilting with a free motion foot, so if you have a fear of FMQ, this will allow you to ease into it. Unlike many quilting books that seem to focus on how to quilt patterns on whole cloth, or large areas of solid fabric, this one also has quilt patterns to go with the quilting designs, so you can appreciate the kind of piecing that goes well with particular types of quilting. I'm now looking at my WIPs in a whole new quilting light...
Woohoo! I've been waiting for this book to come out! If you've ever wanted to save the money you spend on long arm quilting (so you can buy more fabric, right?) then this is the book for you. You CAN quilt your quilts yourself! That way it is YOUR quilt, start to finish! Christa does a fabulous job walking you through how to have success with machine quilting. Simple yet stunning patterns for both piecing and quilting are throughout the book. Start with some striking walking foot quilting (NOT your typical stitch in the ditch) and then put your big girl panties on and use your free motion foot to try her well-illustrated FMQ designs. This book will give you the confidence to tackle being the quilter. And if you've already learned to quilt, Christa has the tips to take it to the next level, solve frustrating tension or thread issues, and expand your repertoire of quilt stitch patterns. I've made one quilt from this book already and can't wait to try another. Next on my list is the quilt called Rain. Its modern and gorgeous! Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. As I am a visual learner, I especially appreciate the many illustrations, diagrams and photographs. I know it's hard to spend money on books rather than fabric, but I'm telling you - pass up that charm pack and buy this book instead! You can thank me later.
Christa's book is amazing! This book is filled with incredible modern patterns and lots of great quilting ideas. The patterns are well written and easy to follow. If you're new to quilting this is the book for you. However, seasoned quilters will also love this book. It's perfect for everyone!
Christa's book is unique in that it really takes you from start to finish with your quilting. There are quilts you'll definitely want to sew and quilt yourself. Even if you are working on another pattern that says 'quilt as desired', get this book and see what you can do next. I have been making quilt tops for a while now but have always been intimidated by the quilting process. Christa's easy instructions gave me the confidence to quilt on my machine using a walking foot. I am now going to try my hand at free-motion because this book includes free-motion quilting instructions as well! Bravo, Christa!
As a quilter I usually focus more on fabric with quilting my projects as an afterthought. This is mostly because I am very intimidated by machine quilting. Christa's book makes machine quilting seem easy and so much less daunting. It's easy to follow with terrific illustrations and instructions that make you go, "Hey, I can do that." Highly recommend this book to anyone looking to take the leap into machine quilting.
Everyone can free motion quilt on their home sewing machine - and Christa Watson shows us how in Machine Quilting with Style. Reading and working through this book is like attending a workshop with Christa. She explains how to machine quilt and provides all the tips and tricks you need. The projects are fresh and modern, and perfect for practicing new quilting skills on. If you love to quilt and want develop or improve your machine quilting skills, this book is definitely for you.
Machine Quilting With Style is a wonderful book! The book takes the reader through so many new patterns and helps answer the age-old question of what designs to quilt a quilt with. The book teaches many different and beginner friendly quilting designs including both straight line quilting using a walking foot and free motion quilting. In addition to being full of quilt inspiration, Christa breaks down the steps and methods to be very doable. Great for the quilting beginner and for the experienced quilter to learn some new tricks and designs!
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Christa Watson

Christa Watson is an award-winning quilter who loves teaching others to find joy in making complete quilts from start to finish. She performs all her own "stunts" on a home sewing machine--her beloved Bernina--and she embraces "perfectly imperfect" quilting techniques.

Christa enjoys designing colorful, modern quilt fabric for Benartex; creating original quilt patterns; and writing books about her favorite topic--machine quilting! Her roots are in traditional quiltmaking, yet she has a passion for the modern quilt aesthetic. You can find her online at and on Instagram @christaquilts.Visit Christa's website

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