Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go - 14 Projects You Can Finish Fast - OP

by Gudrun Erla

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Discover a fast-and-fun method of creating (and completing!) quilted projects. When the piecing is finished, so is the quilting! With step-by-step guidance, Gudrun Erla takes you beyond the straight-line piecing associated with the quilt-as-you-go technique to include triangles, squares, and strips, plus the illusion of curves--all in her clean, contemporary style.

  • Start with the basics: learn to choose materials, cut, mark, baste, and sew the patchwork through all the layers
  • Build on the basics with quick-to-stitch projects--coasters, place mats, table runners, and small quilts
  • Sew by number, add triangles, insert prairie points, and use multiple techniques together

by Gudrun Erla
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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June 2nd, 2015
En el diccionario no define el "Quilt as you go" (acolchando al mismo tiempo) como "Satisfacción Inmediata", pero esa es la definición y la sensación que obtenemos nosotras cuando al terminar el proyecto resulta que ya está también acolchado.  La gran mayoría tenemos un apartado con quilt tops que están ya listos y solamente aguardan el momento de enviarlos para acolchar o que tomemos la decisión de hacerlo nosotras mismas.  Es por esto que muchos proyectos permanecen allí, dentro de esa canasta de pendientes.
Este libro nos propone una variedad de sencillas técnicas para que al momento de terminar el proyecto, el acolchado también se haya completado.  Su autora lo sugiere para proyectos no mayores de 50¨o 60¨ (1.20-1.50mts) y esto nos abre la posibilidad a poder confeccionar toques decorativos para la casa y regalos que nos harán quedar a la altura del cielo.  
Algo a tomar en cuenta es que siempre debemos de contar con la parte posterior y con la guata o material de relleno al iniciar cada uno de los diseños pues trabajaremos con las tres capas al mismo tiempo.  
El libro se divide en tres secciones principales: la primera nos inicia en su técnica con sencillos proyectos (salvamanteles, portavasos, caminos de mesa) para familiarizarnos con su sistema.  
En la segunda parte ya se añaden distintos detalles como son los "prairie points", triángulos, coser siguiendo numeración, y otros detalles como integrar la técnica de "ventanas de "catedral" por ejemplo.
La tercera y última parte presenta diagramas clarísimos, fotografías al momento de la confección, de la costura de ciertas curvas y en resumen el armado final donde al momento de terminar de montar el bies, el proyecto queda totalmente terminado.
Yo pienso que este libro es una gran complemento para nuestra biblioteca de costura pues al ser un libro de técnicas sé que en mi caso lo consultaré muy seguido.  

Gudrun's book features 14 beautiful projects. After I read it (yes, I read quilt books cover-to-cover!) I went straight to my quilting room. First, I revisited the Quilt-As-You-Go Method section at the end of the book to make sure I had everything I needed and knew what to do. Gudrun's directions were excellent so I quickly prepared the strips, backing fabric, batting and started stitching. Then, inspired by one of Gudrun's ideas I turned the quilted strip into my own projects: two sets of mug rugs. I can't wait to work with blocks, too, and make a wall hanging and a table runner. Give it a try - easy, fast, and fun!
One of my favorite techniques is quilt-as-you-go. This book shows 14 patterns where you can do just that.

Between table toppers, bed runners, place mats, potholders, coasters and wall hangings, you will have a variety of items that once you are done piecing, you are DONE. The quilting is done as you piece. With the way I quilt as you go, I can even turn the runners into quilts with the strip join I use.

I don’t like to do curved piecing but with the author’s method, you do straight piecing and then fold a piece into a curve and stitch it down. Very nice. And she even adds Prairie Points to simulate a Chevron pattern.

Now my problem becomes which pattern do I do first. If you want your projects finished when you are done piecing, this is the book to show you how.

"I received this e-book free in exchange for providing an unbiased review."
I enjoy small projects for myself and also to make things together with my grandchildren. This book looks helpful and fun! I would love to win this.
I haven't tried quilting as you go yet but it is on my list. This book looks like a great way to start. I love the designs shown and would be excited to try them!
I would love to learn this method so that I could actually finish some table toppers!
Would love to win this book! I really want to learn more about quilt as you go......
What a fun book. This book not only has great instructions on how to "quilt as you go," but it also has some adorable projects. I love all the ideas for curved piecing, and all the fun different projects. Check it out, you will love it.
"Quilt-As-You-Go" is a great book for quilters just learning as well as quilters that want to complete their quilts themselves. Using placemats, table runners, wallhangings, and table toppers to name a few projects, Gudrun shows you how to do your own quilting with different designs and motifs. By using smaller projects the intimidation is removed for anyone apprehensive about doing their own quilting. This book will encourage and help anyone interested in quilting their own quilts.
I am a longarm quilter and I recommend this book to anyone that wants to complete their quilt all the way through to the binding! Lots of Ideas!
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Gudrun Erla

Gudrun Erla, the designer and owner of GE Designs, was born and raised in Iceland. She started quilting at the age of 23 and became totally addicted to it right away. She owned and ran quilt shops in her home country and designed patterns as well, until a career move brought her family to Minnesota in 2003. Since then Gudrun has been designing full-time and publishing patterns and books under her company name of GE Designs. Her numerous quilt-as-you-go patterns and books have been very popular among quiltmakers wanting to make quick quilted items for their homes or for gift giving.

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