Insider Book Club Benefits

Martingale Insider Book Club

Thinking of joining our book club? Then you’ll want to know your perks!

Club Perk #1. Everything is 35% off.

When you join Martingale’s Insider Book Club, you instantly get 35% off the retail price of everything we sell. Everything. Every day. 35% off. For a whole year. Sweet.

Club Perk #2. Get a $40 gift certificate FREE when you join!

Once you've added the Insider Book Club membership to your shopping cart, we'll put a $40 gift certificate in your cart as well just for joining. (You can start spending your gift certificate as soon as you complete checkout for your book-club membership.) Is fabric your passion? Or maybe yarn is your obsession. Either way, boy-oh-boy do we have a stash of creativity-stirring books for you! (Several hundred, to be sort of exact.) And you’ll get $40 worth, for free, as soon as you join.

(Just a quick aside—did you know that we bundle our books with FREE downloadable eBooks? We do. For everyone, all the time, whenever eBooks are available. If you buy a book from us we’ll send you the same book as an eBook instantly, for free. So, in review: Real book on its way to you. An eBook on your computer, immediately after you order. Very cool.)

Join the Insider Book Club now!

Martingale Insider Book Club

Okay, now it’s nutshell time. Here’s how the club works:

  1. Martingale eBooksAdd the Insider Book Club membership to your shopping cart for just $14.99. We'll add a free $40 gift certificate to your cart right away. (As soon as you finish checkout, you'll be able to start spending your gift certificate.)
    *Note: Your initial $40 gift certificate is only valid while you are an active member and expires after 1 year if not used.
  2. Each month we'll send you an email. It’ll introduce you to next month's Featured Selection plus alternate choices. 
    • If you want the Featured Selection, do nothing. We'll ship it automatically, and you'll get it for 35% off (PLUS you'll automatically get the eBook for free right away).
    • If you don't want the Featured Selection, within two weeks of receiving the email: choose one of the alternate selections, substitute something else on ShopMartingale you love, or let us know you want to skip a purchase that month. (We’re easy that way.)
  3. Buy just four items during the year to keep your membership current. You can buy books, eBooks, tools, gifts, or calendars. They all count, and they're all 35% off! If you buy six or more items during the year, you'll get next year’s membership for FREE.

Boatloads of inspiring how-to books and patterns to choose from. A 35% discount on everything you buy. Are you ready to create with confidence as our newest Insider Book Club member? We’d love to have you join us. Enroll today!

Oh, yes—there’s one final perk we need to tell you about. Frankly, we think it’s the best perk of all.

Club Perk #3. Cornelia.

Cornelia Cornelia is in charge of the Insider Book Club at ShopMartingale. She loves her job, and her job is to make you happy. Questions, comments, complaints, praise? Contact Cornelia and she’ll help. You can ask for her by name at 1-800-426-3126 or email her anytime. Chatting it up is her specialty. She would love to hear from you.

Have questions about the club?

Get all the facts and fine points about membership terms and read up on FAQs. Or find a fresh new eBook on your desktop in just minutes by taking the leap and joining now!

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