Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks

by Laura Farson
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Discover beautiful knitting patterns that incorporate both twined and stranded knitting.

  • Instructions are given for casting on at the heel and working toward the toe for excellent fit; options include removable felted insoles for even greater comfort
  • Both women's and men's knitting patterns included--perfect for gifts
  • Patterns feature a mix of traditional Scandinavian designs and modern variations

by Laura Farson
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January 17th, 2012

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Review from Love of Knitting magazine

Colorwork enthusiasts will love this book. It gives you a grand start to twisted knitting with charts and patterns, comprehensive instructions, and clearly drawn illustrations. The first slipper tutorial smartly uses different background colors to show off the different sections of slipper construction and includes many photographs that clearly show what needs to be done. For beautifully shod feet, the charted patterns range from the simplicity of squares to the gorgeous snowflakes.
Review from The Bookwatch magazine

Laura Farson's Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks provides lovely knitting patterns for slippers and coordinating socks, and is a project guide highly recommended for any knitting collection. The narrowed focus on Scandinavian designs makes for a lovely survey packed with color photos of each project, including close-up color patterns accompanied by specific stitches. Any with some basic knitting knowledge will find this a warm and cozy guide.
Review of Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks by Paula Moliver for the Hartford Knitting Examiner

Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks by Laura Farson is all about keeping your feet warm and comfortable in traditional and modern designs. The designs result in a stretchy top and durable bottom. The socks are worked in twined and stranded techniques for optimal construction.

The slippers and socks are colorworked in designs unique to Scandinavian tradition. Worked as a larger size, on bigger needles and felted will make them durable and long wearing. There is also a pattern for creating your own felted innersoles. Perfect for when the winter boot liners give out.

The pointed toe, unique heels and color patterns make the designs stand out. Laura will show you step by step in easy to understand drawings how to knit twined (stretch) and stranded (durability) technique. Twined knitting requires a twist of the two yarns between the stitches. Stranded two color technique keeps the yarns separate and knit alternately creating the colorwork pattern.

If you are a new knitter this book may be something to strive towards. If you are an intermediate knitter and looking for a challenge, the results will be awesome. All of the patterns are for experienced knitters but one. That is skill level intermediate. There is a basic sock and basic slipper pattern that will allow you to be as creative as you want.
Review from Knit 1-2-3 Magazine, Issue #9

Your feet will look so good in any of the Scandinavian slippers and socks from this book by Laura Farson. The technical information is comprehensive, with excellent instructions, diagrams, and photos that make these more advanced techniques accessible to a wider range of knitters. If you're looking for a challenge that will produce something strikingly beautiful, yet functional, this is the book for you! There are 19 patterns included to keep feet colorful, cozy, and warm.

Laura Farson

Laura Farson is the author of several books and numerous articles on quilting, knitting, and weaving. She has taught extensively at shops and conventions. She makes checked bags, which are handcrafted purses and totes made from recycled seat belts. Under the name "One Quirky Quilter," Laura has authored three folded-flower quilt books. Now she is "The Entwined Knitter(TM)"! In her spare time, Laura bikes, hikes, skis, and sews. She lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, Russ, with whom she loves to travel.

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