The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques

by Nancie M. Wiseman
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Knitted one too many sweaters that scream "homemade"? Help is here! Finishing techniques are the key to turning out professional-looking projects. This comprehensive reference gives you the know-how you need to get gorgeous, polished results every time.

  • More than 50 expert techniques cover increases, decreases, seams, blocking, decorative finishes, and more
  • Master each method with step-by-step illustrations, easy-to-read text, and dozens of color photos
  • Bring along this handy guide wherever you go--the spiral-bound design lies flat for trouble-free knitting

by Nancie M. Wiseman
8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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October 22nd, 2002

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Review from Jennifer Hansen, Knitting Like Crazy

I actually heard about this book on the Webs podcast awhile back before I obtained a copy. I remember hearing on the podcast that this book was essential for all knitters. And, I have to say, they were right! For me, who is someone who learned to knit out of some flimsy little 12 page book from a big box craft store, I still (even almost six years later) feel like I am missing some of the skills that could make my knitting look incredible. This book covers almost everything I would want to know about those finishing techniques. The book covers all kinds of things: cast ons, increases, decreases, selvages, bind offs, seams, picking up stitches, borders and button holes. While the first few sections were a review for me, the material in seams, picking up stitches, and button holes I found particularly useful.

Each section includes descriptions on the technique, written out steps on how to execute the technique, a pro/con list, and a couple diagram/pictures. The photos of the actual knitting were very clear and I found it nice to have those pics in there. The next time I make a buttonhole, you can bet I will be referring to this book and then checking to see if my knitting looks like the picture!

I seriously mean it when I say that I think just about every knitter can benefit from having this book. It will fit in most knitting bags, and it covers lots of stuff that you might not have memorized if you aren't doing it in your knitting all the time.

Review from Knitting Scholar

Starting at the very beginning of this book, we get a page full of finishing "secrets" like, "Never trim an end until you're sure you're not going to use it somewhere for a seam." Then, we move to cast-ons... Just looking at the Table of Contents should pretty much reinforce that this book on finishing techniques is covering pretty much everything you could hope for. I can't honestly say that I can think of something obvious that was left out. There are some other ways of casting-on, for example, but the 7 most common are here (Long-tail, Knitted-on, Cable, Picot, Chained, Tubular, and Provisional). So, instead of giving you a page-by-page recap of what's included, how about a nice overview? With each tip or technique, the author provides the following:

* A brief description.
* A photo of the technique. These are consistently clear, with contrasting colors when necessary to make it easier to see--like, white yarn to illustrate the picked-up stitches around a red neckline.
* A contrasting list of "Benefits" and "Drawbacks" for the technique. I like an author who gives you all the reasons you might or might not want to use something, rather than just saying something like "This is the best one, use this."
* "To Work"--the step-by step instructions on how to put the technique into action.

That all sounds pretty thorough, doesn't it? Well, it IS. Barring some magical way to embed video into a paper book, it seems hard to imagine a book full of instructions that would be clearer. The author explains things clearly and is fair about expressing opinions about "this technique is better for this problem, but that one would be better for that." I particularly liked that the how-to illustrations are color-matched to the photographs heading each technique--so, if the photo was of a white pocket sewn onto a purple sweater, the drawing illustrating additional details is also of a white pocket and a purple background. It's just a nice little touch that shows the attention to detail that makes this book work.

It is an excellent book of its kind, with good, helpful detail, logically laid out and clearly expressed.

My Gush: Basically, that if you're looking for a finishing technique, this is the place to come. It's great and a fabulous reference.

Review from Paula Moliver for the Hartford Knitting Examiner

The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie M. Wiseman is a book we can refer to periodically and might consider a reference book, that stands the test of time. Martingale and Company first published the book in 2002, as a hardcover and spiral bound. Now the book can be purchased as a softcover. Light and small enough to find a space in your knitting bag or on your bookshelf.
Review from SewCalGal

The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, by Nancy M. Wiseman is a "must have" book for any knitter that is wanting to learn/improve their skills for finishing projects. This book is packed full of amazing tips and techniques that include great visuals! I'm truly delighted to see this book available and am confident it will become a best seller!

Nancie M. Wiseman

Nancie M. Wiseman has been sewing, knitting, and crocheting since she was a child. Surrounded by people who taught her these skills as she grew up, Nancie learned to love crafting and was able to use it to earn money for college and eventually to make a living.

Nancie has made several videos on knitting, which appeared on the DIY television network and on the Needle Arts Studio with Shay Pendray on PBS. She has also written articles and designed patterns for Martha Stewart Living, Piecework, Knitters, and Knit 'n Style magazines and Prism, Trendsetter, Brown Sheep, and Tilli Tomas yarn companies.

Nancie lives in a small town north of Sacramento, California, with her husband, Bill, and her Yorkie, Pumpkin.

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