Irish Chain Quilts - Contemporary Twists on a Classic Design

by Melissa Corry
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Discover a fresh take on the traditional Irish Chain--known for its wonderful diagonal movement, easy piecing, and beautiful collaboration of color. Melissa Corry presents exciting patterns that open a whole new world of Irish Chain designs. Though they share a common theme, these quilts are as individual as the fabrics they embrace.

  • Choose from 15 inspiring quilt patterns and achieve outstanding results
  • Explore a variety of construction methods--options include traditional and improvisational piecing as well as fusible appliqué
  • Learn to use squares, rectangles, wonky shapes, dots, and even flowers to create one-of-a-kind Irish Chain designs

by Melissa Corry
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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Publication Date:
May 5th, 2015
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I love Irish chains and this is an updated version of the traditional Irish Chain. Melissa offers fresh ideas and what I would call "relatives" to the Irish chain that are exciting and inspiring. Anyone that loves Irish Chain quilts will love this book. I would also invite anyone that hasn't tried this pattern to make one from this book and I think you will love the quilt and how easy it is to make it. Because of the versatility used in this
book, I recommend "Irish Chain Quilts" for all quilters.
I expecting the piecing to be FUN!
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Melissa Corry

Melissa Corry began quilting in 2002. Her mother taught her the basics so she would have something to do in the evenings while her husband was studying in medical school. She enjoyed making baby quilts for friends and family and even the occasional bed quilt. In 2010, Melissa created her blog, Happy Quilting, and her hobby quickly became a passion.

Melissa loves all things quilting, from designing to binding and everything in between. Quilting is a creative respite for her, and as a busy mom of five, she often says, "It is the one thing I do in my day that stays done." In short, quilting makes her happy, and she loves to share that joy of quilting with others.

Since joining the online community of quilters, Melissa has started her own pattern line, her quilts have been published in prominent magazines, and she has shared her projects in several collaborative books.

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