Inspired by Tradition - 50 Appliqué Blocks in 5 Sizes

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Quilters can't get enough of Kay Mackenzie's applique designs. In this elegant follow-up to Easy Applique Blocks, she presents 50 all-new designs with traditional appeal, such as Whig Rose, Pineapple, and Fleur-de-lis. The bonus CD features each block in five sizes, from 6" to 12". No need to enlarge--just print the size you need.

  • See a color photo of each block design stitched in fabric, plus a line drawing for tracing
  • Find all designs on the CD both regular and reversed for hand or fusible applique
  • Discover Kay's tips for enjoyable hand and fusible machine applique

CD included

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8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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full color, PDF digital download
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March 8th, 2011

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Review from Australian Quilter's Companion magazine

This book has 50 very pretty applique block designs. The big bonus is that they are all on the included CD that you can simply load onto your computer. Then print out the blocks in one of five sizes.
Review from Patti Ives, The Applique Society

Kay Mackenzie barely took a moment to catch her breath after the release of her first book Easy Applique Blocks: 50 Designs in 5 Sizes before she started work on her second book. While the first book was geared toward fun designs in a variety of styles from offbeat and modern to whimsical and traditional, her latest offering focuses on the traditional. Kay was so attracted to traditional blocks that she went on to create a library of 50 blocks, all inspired from the past. These blocks are now available in her new book Inspired By Tradition: 50 Applique Blocks in 5 Sizes. The blocks in Inspired By Tradition are reminiscent of old-time vintage flavor and feel, but are simplified for the modern quilter. There are baskets, flowers, wreaths, vines, birds, berries and more all included on a CD you can reach for at any time to create your own projects.

The CD is easy to access and navigate. The “Block Index” page allows you to either click on a thumbnail rendering of the block in color or use the names of the blocks to link to the pattern. Once you click on your desired block, you are taken to a pattern page with a color photo of the block finished in fabric, as well as the outline of the pattern. You have the option of printing the block out in 5 different sizes: 6", 8", 9", 10" and 12". Once you determine the correct pattern orientation for your applique method, you are asked to choose either the “Regular” or “Reversed” format. Use the “Regular” option for freezer-paper-on-top hand applique and positioning patterns for fusible-web machine applique. Use the “Reversed” format for back-basting hand applique and fusible-web machine applique. If you choose to work on the large size formatted blocks, never fear--they are formatted to nicely split over several pages. Just trim and attach them together.

With the popularity of smaller-sized applique blocks it is so nice to be able to print full size 6" and 8" patterns right from your own computer, and also print as many patterns as you need. Kay’s preferred method of hand applique is the back-basting method and she includes clearly illustrated instructions to get you started. The applique stitch is also covered for beginners. The “Raw Edge Machine Applique” section will be a big help to all those trying to master that technique. Fusible-web management pages contain useful information for keeping your fusible product under control. Congratulations, Kay, on another terrific book.

From Kim Jamieson-Hirst, Chatterbox Quilts

In this book Kay has included 50 appliqué blocks in 5 different sizes, allowing you to create your own personal quilts and wall hangings. Kay describes these blocks as having "that old-time vintage flavor and feel, but simplified for the modern quilter." In addition, Kay provides appliqué information on everything from back-basting to fusible web appliqué.

As with her first book, Easy Appliqué Blocks, Kay has included a CD to make it very easy to print out the blocks in any of the 5 sizes available. Yes, I said 5 sizes: 6", 8", 9", 10", or 12"! Think of the time and frustration you'll save by being able to print out the block you want in the size you want without having to go to a copy shop or fuss with your own photocopier. I think this is brilliant and actually increases the number of blocks available in the book as each one is printable in 5 different sizes.

You may wonder how the larger blocks will print out and this is how Kay explains it in her book: "Larger sizes will automatically print out as multiple pages; just trim and tape them together and you'll be ready to go. Reversed versions are also included." Seems like Kay has thought of everything (I'm not surprised). I really appreciate the inclusion of the reversed versions of the blocks on the CD since I usually do fusible web appliqué and this saves me quite a bit of extra work. I also like the fact that you can tape the parts of the larger blocks together to make the actual block size as I can print these out on my home printer on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, without using any special paper.

As with all her instructions, Kay takes you by the hand and walks you through the process of using the CD and accessing the blocks on it. She includes several helpful hints to ensure that the blocks will print out at the correct size and the proper orientation.

Since the blocks all have a similar old-fashioned feel, combining them is easy, but if you're having trouble deciding on which block to do first or how to combine blocks, Kay has included a gallery of ideas to get you started. “Appliquér at Heart” is just one of the examples that Kay provides.

Being able to print the blocks in various sizes really helps as you can combine blocks of various sizes. For example, I could print Puppy Dog at 10" or 12" and print the Pansies at a smaller size so that the proportions would be appropriate. I really like the opportunities the 5 different block sizes creates.

This is a great book with a myriad of design possibilities due to the variety of blocks and sizes in it. You'll definitely want to add this book to your quilting book library!

Review from Midwest Book Review

A bonus CD of patterns comes with Kay MacKenzie's Inspired by Tradition, which provides some 50 applique block patterns following up to her Easy Applique Blocks title. Here the new designs teach how to blend them into fabric, offering a line drawing for each tracing and tips on hand and fusible machine applique alike. Any collection seeing enthusiasm from her prior book must have this followup!