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How will I find out about each month’s Featured Selection?

We’ll send you an email each month. In it, you’ll find links to the Featured Selection and other new books. Click on the links to learn more about each book and view beautiful photos of all the step-by-step projects you can create.

What happens if I don’t contact you after I receive my monthly email?

You’ll automatically receive a motorcycle. Just kidding! We’ll assume you want the Featured Selection that month and ship it to you automatically.

I want to get something other than the Featured Selection. Can I choose something different?

You bet! If you aren’t thrilled with a particular month’s Featured Selection, you can choose something else. And it doesn’t have to be a book. You can substitute ePatterns, tools, calendars, gifts—have fun shopping around. We want you to end up with something you really love.

Once I get the email, how much time do I have to change my mind before you automatically ship the Featured Selection?

Two weeks.

How do I make changes each month?

Fill out our handy Change Request form (you'll be able to follow the link after you've purchased your membership and have signed in). You can substitute any of our products, add to, or decline the Featured Selection.

Does my 35% discount apply to stuff on sale?

If a product has already been discounted more than 35%, you'll receive the greater discount. If it's been discounted less than 35%, your 35% discount will apply.

What does shipping cost if I place an order that totals less than $40.00?

Shipping on orders less than $40 are charged $6.00 for shipping (USA only). Insider Book Club members earn FREE SHIPPING with a $40 purchase (USA only). For all packages shipping outside the USA, rates are based on weight. Learn more about international shipping rates here.

What are my payment choices?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Important note about PayPal: Unfortunately, PayPal doesn't work as a saved-payment method for Featured Selections. That's why we ask for a credit or debit card. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I need to buy four items in a year to meet the club requirement; six to get the annual fee waived next year. Do I have to buy books to meet the club requirement, or can I buy other things?

Our specialty is books—it’s what we’re famous for. But any purchase counts toward your four-item requirement. And remember, everything is 35% off, all the time, for book club members.

What is my obligation?

Just one obligation once you join—purchase at least four items before your annual renewal date. The only purchases that don't count toward renewal are warehouse-sale ("six-bucks-a-book") items.

Is there an annual fee?

There is a small annual fee of $14.99. But if you buy at least six items in a year, we’ll waive next year’s fee.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your membership anytime after buying four items. If you cancel before you purchase four items, we’ll charge your card $40 for the gift certificate you received at signup. (Sorry to have to do it that way. But it really does weed out those few folks who want to take advantage of the club in a not-very-nice way.)

What if I want to return my order?

You can return any item within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. (Sorry, but free items are not eligible for return or exchange.)

How will I know when I need to renew my membership?

Check your monthly email—it shows your membership renewal date and a tally of items you’ve purchased so far.

How many items do I need to buy to have my annual membership fee waived next year?

Six. Or if you like, more than six.

How will you know to give me my 35% discount when I place an order?

Our site is smart that way! Simply log in, and she’ll recognize that you're an Insider Book Club member. (And yes, if you’re wondering about that last sentence . . . our site is a girl.)

Will you sell, rent, or share my name and email address?

Nope. No way. We would never do that. Any information you give to us, stays with us.

What is your privacy policy?

Learn how fiercely dedicated we are to your protection in our privacy policy.

How do I contact customer service?

Email us or give us a call at 800-426-3126 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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