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Crisp, calm, and captivating--experience the magic of blue & white! From the editors of the best seller Red & White Quilts comes a fresh take on another...

$24.99 $8.00
by Julie Hendricksen
Discover how to reproduce the time-honored treasures of the past with authenticity and ease. Create your own versions of antique designs from a stunning...

by Julie Hendricksen
Antique quilts have a romance about them that captivates quilters and collectors. But inheriting such a treasure is rare, and buying one can be costly. What...

by Julie Hendricksen, Vickie Gerike
Featuring a dozen warm and cozy designs, County Seat Quilts is the culmination of a year-long quilt club at coauthor Julie Hendricksen's Wisconsin quilt...
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Releasing on 05/02/2021