Happy Endings - Finishing the Edges of Your Quilts

by Mimi Dietrich
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A must for every quilter's library, this is the classic book on finishing--back by popular demand! First published in 1987, this popular resource has sold more than 275,000 copies and is still the one quilters want. Well-known author and quiltmaking expert Mimi Dietrich shows you all you need to know about finishing quilts with style.

  • Discover dozens of creative ways to finish your quilts, from easy to advanced
  • Find terrific ideas for quilt backings, battings, bindings, and hanging sleeves
  • Get creative with a great section on quilt borders
  • Learn from Mimi Dietrich's "Happy Ending Hints," sprinkled throughout the book

by Mimi Dietrich
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June 4th, 2013
This is our Go To book for the binding class in my quilt shop. Very sad that we can't carry it in stock. Many of my customers do not have e-readers.
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Review from Midwest Book Review, August 2013

Happy Endings: Finishing the Edges of Your Quilt teaches how to finish a quilt and is a recommendation for beginners and experienced quilters alike. New ideas cover quilt backings, battings, bindings and more, offering a new section on quilt borders and new creative ideas for finishing edges. Patterns, step-by-step color illustrations, and fun finishing techniques make for a fine collection of ideas perfect for any quilter who wants to produce polished borders and finishing touches.
Review from Fons & Porter Love of Quilting, November/December 2013

Expert quilt maker and nationally-known teacher Mimi Dietrich shows you all you need to know about finishing your quilts with style. You'll discover dozens of creative finishing techniques, both easy and advanced. She'll give you new ideas for quilt backings, batting, bindings, and hanging sleeves to help you achieve a great finished project.
Review from Popular Patchwork, January 2014

This is a recently revised edition of a quilting classic. Finishing a quilt is my favourite part of the process, and I think it's worth spending a little extra time on this last step. Mimi Dietrich wrote this bible for quilt bindings 25 years ago and it's still incredibly useful today. This updated version includes a section on making perfect borders in addition to the original text. With step-by-step instructions and lots of great hints, this covers absolutely everything you could ever want to know. Mimi shows you how to finish without binding, by hand or machine, create imitation binding, work with sculpted edges, bind using your backing fabrics or with single- or double-fold binding and so much more. Your quilts deserve lovely edges, and Mimi's hints and tips will help you to achieve just that.

Mimi Dietrich

Mimi Dietrich is a nationally known teacher and the author of many best-selling books, including Martingale's all-time best seller, Happy Endings. Her books have sold over a half million copies to date. She has lived in Baltimore all her life and is inspired by the beautiful Baltimore Album applique quilts made in her hometown more than 150 years ago.

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