Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet - Learn How with 13 Projects

by Sheryl Thies
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Be at the forefront of a stitching comeback! Tunisian crochet is a generations-old needlework technique that today's crocheters--and knitters--are rediscovering. Also known as afghan stitch, this versatile technique is worked on a long needle with a crochet hook at one end.

  • Choose from 13 gorgeous projects, including women's garments and accessories as well as home accents
  • Learn a variety of stitches, from basic to more advanced, including some that look just like knitting
  • Read a brief history of Tunisian crochet and find out why it's experiencing such a resurgence


by Sheryl Thies
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March 22nd, 2011

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Review from Doreen L. Marquart, author/shop owner

This book is wonderful. It contains designs that don't look heavy and stiff as many crochet designs tend to do. The mobius style wrap shown on the front cover is just screaming to be made, as is "Tranquil Escape." The home decorator items are great with their woven appearance. The designs are all practical, yet modern... ones that will surely endure the test of time. Instructions are well written and the illustrations are extremely helpful. Love the close up photographs that really show the stitch definition!

Review from Bonnie Brody, Top 100 Reviewer,

Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet: Learn How with 13 Projects by Sheryl Thies contains some beautiful patterns to crochet. There are nice sections on Intersection of Technique and Fiber, A Brief History, Getting Hooked, Tutorial, and Projects. These all contain nice and clear illustrations.

The projects are lovely. My favorites are the Reversible Kickshaw placemats. They look woven and are in a lovely variegated color of blue and yellow. The Softspots Pillow is so pretty that I just can't wait to crochet it. It is a soft purple and blue and the front and back are different and complementary. The Button Down Pillow would look good on any couch or chair and be comfortable as well. It is shown in a golden hue. The Go Green Bag is a perfect size for large items such as crochet projects, books, or groceries. It has a lovely pattern and is crocheted in a beautiful light green. The Motivated Heretic is an entrelac shawl or primary beautiful colors. It has a small collar and is a large size overall - just right to keep you warm while you look spectacular. Sangria's Surprise is a dazzling shawl in the color of Sangria.

There are some very beautiful projects in this book, ones I am anxious to make. I also like the instruction section as it is very clear. This is a great addition to my fiber library.

Review from Paula Moliver, Hartford Knitting Examiner

Tunisian crochet is a blend of knit and crochet. You use a long handled crochet hook with a stop at the end like a knitting needle. The hook is held the same way as for knitting. This technique requires you start with a foundation chain and then each row is a two-step process without turning your work.

Tunisian crochet came into popularity during the Victorian period. With Sheryl Thies' book, you will learn how to accomplish this technique through 13 projects and be at the forefront of this stitches comeback.

Sheryl tells how she got into Tunisian crochet as well as a brief history of this needlecraft. She follows through with detailed line drawings on how to start, stitch and bind off. The stitch section shows yarn overs, increases, purl, decreases, the simple stitch and how to change colors. There is even a section on troubleshooting. Here she explains the problem you may be having and how to correct it. With all this under your belt, you are off and running to make your first project. If Tunisian crochet is not new to you, you can start with a more complex project.

The book includes “Reversible Kickshaw,” pretty cotton placemats and coordinating coasters. Here one side is striped and the other side is a complex tweed. “Go Green” is a durable tote that has a woven look. My favorite is a shawl called “Motivated Heretic.” With the colors of the yarns and stitch chosen, this entrelac design (no need to cut and tie ends with this method) is a must see. The stitch patterns that result when using Tunisian Crochet makes for a unique design appearance, whether it is one of the sweater projects, scarf, or pillows.

If you are a knitter or crocheter and looking for something a bit different, take the time to learn all about this method from Sheryl. If you have done this before, maybe it is time to pick it back up.

Review from Karen Platt’s Book Reviews and Crafts

Out of the 13 projects, the cover project is the best. In all this book features good projects, the best I have seen for Tunisian crochet, plus techniques and ideas for the perfect finish. It is well laid out, easy to use and has superb photography.

Review from Barbara Rhoades, Top 500 Reviewer
I have done Tunisian crochet since I was in my teens. We didn’t call it that; we called it afghan stitch. It curled up and was hard to get the beginning edge to cooperate with what you were making.
No longer! Today we have learned that by using two different hook sizes--one on the base row and the other to create the project--this roll will be mastered if not eliminated.  Also, there are patterns for more than just afghans. This book provides patterns for place mats and matching coasters, purses, shawls, cardigans, and even pillows.
The author also shows more than just the “afghan stitch” I learned as a teen. This stitch is now called Tunisian Simple Stitch and goes under the “bar.” There is also Tunisian Knit Stitch and Tunisian Purl Stitch.  By using a combination of these three stitches, Ms. Thies creates 13 lovely designs.

There are also sections on the history of this stitch, the hook itself, and the best part--a tutorial on how to do each stitch. The graphs are GREAT and very helpful. Charts for yarn weight, skill levels, and crochet-hook size are provided at the end of the book. And just in case all of this isn’t enough, the covers are folded over to create a bookmark.
I plan on making several pillows and place mats/coasters for Christmas. What will you make?


Review from Midwest Book Review

Sheryl Thies' Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet teaches different applications for Tunisian crochet, offering a collection of garments, accessories, and items for home decor which use the Tunisian crochet technique. Pieces range from easy to intermediate, are identified for different skills levels, and include color photos of finished pieces as well as materials and stitch guides. A top pick for any crocheter seeking something different!

Sheryl Thies

Sheryl Thies retired from a career in health care to follow her artistic passion--combining fiber, texture, and color. In addition to designing and teaching both knitting and Tunisian crochet, she enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. She can often be found on the bocce court, either playing or refereeing. She is the author of several Martingale books and lives near Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband.

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