Fast-Piece Applique - Easy, Artful Quilts by Machine

by Rose Hughes
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Create enchanting three-panel quilt designs with spectacular success using Rose's easy Fast-Piece Applique method. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy these 11 inspiring patterns from talented designer Rose Hughes.

  • Learn to simplify complex images and incorporate them into strong, striking quilts
  • Make a single panel or several; display individually, in groupings, or stitched together into full quilts
  • Stitching and embellishing options add rich texture to your projects

by Rose Hughes
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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January 13th, 2015
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Desde la portada, este libro captó mi atención y una vez hojeándolo descubrí la técnica sencillamente fabulosa que propone.
Disfruto mucho cuando un autor me lleva a través de las páginas de su libro a explorar nuevamente ciertos conceptos de color y de diseño expuestos a través de su voz. Estos conceptos han viajado por a lo largo del tiempo y lo interesante es la manera en que aquí se presentan dándoles un aire de novedad y frescura y simplificando especialmente lo que a veces se consideraría como un criterio que solo los artistas plásticos pudieran manejar.
En mi opinión personal, este libro es ideal para sacarle todo el provecho con mi grupo de quilters, utilizando cada quien su ejemplar para hablar y discutir los conceptos de diseño, posteriormente llevar a cabo algunos ejercicios que la autora propone al inicio del mismo, iniciarse con su técnica de armado y costura y finalmente ejecutar los proyectos presentados a detalle en el mismo.
Además de diseños tan modernos con formas abstractas y de gran tamaño, algunos de ellos son presentados a manera de trípticos -secciones de tres hojas- que al exhibirlos en un muro hoy día causan admiración por su novedad, pero no obstante ofrece también la posibilidad de confeccionar la misma quilt en una sola pieza.
El texto, apoyado por imágenes muy claras, hace que la técnica desarrollada por la autora sea fácil de comprender.
Llevo todo el fin de semana hojeándolo, planeando y revisando mis telas... todo para comenzar muy pronto!

From the cover, this book caught my attention and once discovered simply flipping through the fabulous technique proposed.

I enjoy when an author takes me through the pages of a book to explore certain concepts of color and design. These concepts have traveled over time and what is interesting is the way they are presented here, giving them an air of novelty and freshness and especially by simplifying what is sometimes considered as a criterion that only artists could handle. In my personal opinion, this book is ideal for getting the most with my group of quilters, using each copy to talk and discuss design concepts, then perform some exercises that the author proposes to start it, start armed with this technique and sewing and finally executing the projects presented in detail in it.

In addition to such modern designs with abstract and large ways, some of which are presented in threes--such as sections of three leaves--that spectacle of a wall today also offers the possibility of quilt make it in one piece. The text, supported by very clear images, makes the technique developed by the author easy to understand. Been all weekend planning and reviewing my fabrics ... everything to start very soon!
Rose has really pretty and artful designs with detailed essentials for applique techniques before you begin any project. Hand and machine applique can be used, it is your choice. The panels are amazing, they need to be enlarged for the actual size. Eleven ideas are presented and the instructions are easy to understand giving the beginner a good foundation for appliqué techniques and ideas for fabric selection. Quilters that love or want to learn applique should invest in this book.
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Review from Craft Ideas Magazine, Spring 2015

Learn the art of fast-piece applique by creating 11 three-panel quilt designs using this easy-to-follow process which incorporates a simple grid, cutting apart numbered patterns, and machine sewing into a quilted masterpiece. Striking designs like "Poppy Pods", "Fields Full of Posies", and "Geometric Gems" feature bold, vibrant fabrics in gorgeous layouts. Author Rose Hughes shows you how to take a basic shape, choose the right color fabrics, add texture and contrast, and properly use repetition for the most visually appealing designs. Construction techniques, finishing info, and patterns are all included, too.
Review from The Applique Society Newsletter, March/April 2015

Rose Hughes writes "Today's quilts bring back those wonderfully large, graphic designs, and the quilted line has made an incredible transformation. While the stitching of today is beautifully added to create incredible quilts, it's being done in new ways with new threads in order to make its own statement". If you are searching for a new way to express yourself through applique then you will learn a lot by reading Fast-Piece Applique, Easy, Artful Quilts by Machine. Learn to simplify any design you may have to create one of-a-kind inspired designs. Art theory from color, texture, line, contrast and repetition are touched on as well and a good list of supplies will start you on the path. The quilts in this book are made using the author's Fast-Piece Applique method and your sewing machine. Clearly written instructions and photos illustrate the method. The quilts are finished with quilting, dimensional stitching, couching and beading. The 11 projects found in the book consist of three panels each. You have the option of making a single panel, piece them all together as one quilt or make all three panels for a dynamic display.
Review from Modern Quilts Unlimited, Spring 2015

Simplify! Author Rose Hughes teaches you how to transform images from nature and other complex images into bold applique designs. Create 11 stunning three-panel quilt designs using these images and her clever fast-piece applique technique. Make single panels to display individually or stitch them together into quilts, then add texture and dimension with her creative stitching and embellishment options.

Rose Hughes

After 20 years in the corporate world, Rose Hughes jumped into the quilt-art life in 2003 and has never looked back.

Rose loves to share her quilting passions and travels the world providing entertaining and educational lectures. Her teaching topics include Fast-Piece Appliqué, design, fabric painting, color, and all forms of embellishment.

As Rose continues to pursue her art, you may find her quilts in juried exhibitions throughout the world, and you might also see her sharing her work and methods on television and online. She enjoys membership in numerous quilt- and art-related organizations and finds joy in sharing her love of quilting through her blog,, and her Facebook page.

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